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Real estate as a capital investment and retirement provision in Dubai

The state pension alone is often no longer enough and anyone who later wants to live without major financial worries in old age has to save privately in advance. Owning your own property or Apartments in Dubai can be particularly worthwhile and is even subsidize by the state.

How your own house or apartment can contribute to retirement provision

There are numerous options available to investors to increase existing capital. In addition to share trading, which can be associate with corresponding financial risks, real estate is now consider a crisis-proof type of capital investment that can also be use as a form of Apartments in Dubai retirement provision. If a house or an apartment is not use for rent-free living for one’s own needs, real estate can be rent and thus represents an additional source of income Sparkasse for their real estate financing, which is support by the state.

Criteria for a property as an investment

However, before deciding to purchase a property Apartments in Dubai as an investment, various criteria should be taken into account when making the selection. The location of the property is of great importance for the valuation, because the location not only influences the possibility of renting the property. But also the value development and a possible resale are significantly influence by the location of the property. In addition to the question of the optimal location, other criteria also flow into the assessment and the associate purchase decision.

In multi-family houses, the number of apartments in the property plays an important role. It is also important to consider the respective apartment layout and a price that is appropriate for the property when making the purchase decision. This should be taken into account especially in the case of condominiums. If you finally decide in favor of a property as a capital investment or retirement provision. There are two options: Either you use the property you have bought yourself or you decide to rent the property.

Die Immobilie als Kapitalanlage und Altersvorsorge
Buy house in Dubai

Retirement provision with a property you use yourself

If you decide to use it yourself after Buy House in Dubai a property. You can enjoy rent-free living in old age with the right financing. Rent increases also no longer have to be fear. However, there are a few things to consider when it comes to financing. By the time you retire, at least 90 percent of the loan should be paid off so that you don’t have to make high payments until the end of your life. The financing plan should therefore not only be base on income, but also on age. However, if you decide to use it yourself, you can look forward to some financial relief. Wohn-Riester supports real estate buyers with government subsidies in building up capital. There is also the possibility for families and single parents

Retirement provision with a rent property

An alternative to personal use is the option of renting out your own house or Buy House in Dubai. From a tax point of view, the rent property is even significantly more advantageous than the owner-occupy property. Because acquisition costs and interest can be deduct from tax there. While owning a property results in a saving effect, renting it out improves the income in old age through fix income. In order for the investment in a rental property to pay off, its location is first and foremost important. If you do not invest in your own place of residence. It is often difficult to estimate how valuable a property actually is. In this case, advice from a real estate expert is highly recommend.

Financing a property

Financial planning is an important part of the purchase decision. In very few cases, real estate acquisition is finance entirely from your own resources. It is possible to finance the Buy House in Dubai or a condominium with an appropriate loan. The variety of loan offers is very large and when planning the financial situation. The question often arises as to which bank should obtain the relevant financing. A comparison of the different credit institutes is always a worthwhile procedure. Which quickly and clearly compares the various offers of the individual banks with one another.




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