Amazing Gift Boxes From Netflix For Your Loved Ones

netflix the gift

Netflix has been entertaining viewers for more than two decades. With top-grossing movies and drama series like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, it has caught the imagination of viewers of all ages. Indeed, Netflix movies and drama series are all about enjoyment and entertainment. However, it does not just offer movies and drama series for entertainment; it also offers stuff like Netflix gift box to accentuate the entertaining factor. Indeed, such gift boxes don’t just heighten your entertainment; they also enhance your scope for entertainment without a pocket pinch.

Unwind and Enjoy 

Movie shows and drama series are all about unwinding. However, people have different ways of unwinding. Some would like to enjoy their favorite Netflix show with popcorn while others would like to enjoy it with dinner while having a casual conversation with a partner. There are gift boxes and hampers that can help you accentuate your feeling of enjoyment. You can also gift these hampers and boxes to your loved ones to remind them to relax a bit.

Types of Hampers

You can get gift hampers that contain stuff like a Flavored Popcorn Jar, Instant Noodles, Chocolate Bar, Bath Salt, etc. In essence, these hampers are meant for complete enjoyment. They come in beautiful boxes tied with ribbons and personalized gift tags. However, a Netflix gift box is somewhat different. It comes as a gift card box containing 7 color printed gift cards with UV dull varnish and spot raised gloss UV in an 18pt folding board.

How To Use Netflix Gift Cards?

You can gift the box to your loved ones or use it yourself. You can use the cards to pay for Netflix. You can purchase them online as well as in retail locations. These cards do not expire, and it is written on the back of each card. Also, these are non-refundable. Once you have applied for a Netflix gift card in your account or someone else uses it in his account, you can watch Netflix shows until the balance in the card runs out. However, you cannot reload these cards.


If you are looking to add some spice to the life of your loved ones, you can gift them a Netflix gift box. You can purchase the box on retail counters as well as onlineThese boxes contain gift cards that can help the recipient to watch Netflix shows until there is balance in the card. However, you cannot reload the cards.