Allscripts EMR Vs. Onco EMR- choose the best for your practice Allscripts EMR Vs. Onco EMR- an overview


Allscripts is a revolutionary EMR platform that has seen significant development since its beginnings. Advanced capabilities are included and are significantly more than a basic electronic health record solution. This method is renowned for its ability to prescribe, chart, and report on quality.

A web-based electronic medical record (EMR) OncoEMR was created especially for oncology practices. It is an all-inclusive EMR solution with all the tools required to manage patient care, such as scheduling, charting, prescribing, monitoring compliance, and invoicing. Furthermore, it is completely connected with the top oncology decision support tools to provide you the freedom to choose the optimal course of treatment for your patients.

Review features of Allscripts EMR and Onco EMR

Allscripts EMR Features

Clinical Practice Management:

With options for appointment scheduling, patient check-in, and vital sign recording, Allscripts EMR assists physicians in streamlining workflows. The website also offers templates for office visit forms for clinicians to swiftly record patient information.

Coding & Billing:

By giving users access to an extensive collection of billing and coding tools for submitting claims, Allscripts EMR accelerates the billing process. The technology allows clinicians to code patient contacts by ICD-10 standards.

Practice Management:

Clients can access best-in-class practice management features through Allscripts EMR. The vendor boosts their motivation by giving administrative staff members more influence over their daily tasks. For example, scan patient paperwork into medical records and put them in the cloud for the staff.

Information Management System for Laboratories:

A complete solution for managing lab results from point-of-care devices including blood analyzers and chemistry analyzers is provided by this module of Allscripts EMR. In the exam room with patients, doctors can check lab results on their mobile devices, enabling them to address suspicious impacts immediately rather than waiting until later in the day when they return to their offices.

Patient Portal:

The patient portal for Allscripts EMR is accessible round-the-clock, allowing patients to view their appointments and get in touch with their doctors whenever they want. Additionally, it enables users to seek prescriptions from their doctors and send encrypted messages with just a few clicks.


The Allscripts EMR allows you to electronically write prescriptions, reducing time and costs and enhancing patient safety. To keep patients on track with their meds, you may also use ePrescribing to email prescription renewal reminders to patients automatically.

eReferral management:

You can get recommendations from other doctors using Allscripts’ eReferral management function without ever leaving your office or waiting for faxes or phone calls. Referrals from other clinics will be instantly forwarded into your system so you can review them quickly and effectively without leaving the building or going through several processes when getting them from another provider’s office.

Mobile Compatibility:

The mobile accessibility solution provided by Allscripts EMR software is rather exciting. Even the Allscripts EMR demo displays it. Because clinicians may complete their work while on the go, this dramatically speeds up work. There is no longer a need to limit yourself to desktop displays. All mobile devices, including iOS and Android, are compatible with this industry-leading platform.

The app allows caregivers to communicate with patients, check patient records, add progress comments, review lab results, and request refills. To maintain the system current for all staff members, they can even alter patient flowsheets and record completed tasks while they are in motion. In essence, the simple-yet-powerful solution from Allscripts EMR streamlines all laborious tasks.

Onco EMR Features


Secure and HIPAA-Compliant:

Onco EMR was created with security in mind and is HIPAA-compliant and certified by the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS). The program complies with all federal laws governing patient privacy and uses 256-bit SSL encryption technology to protect patient data.

Patient tracking:

With an EMR, you can track patients from admission to discharge, make appointments, and keep track of their insurance details. Additionally, you can use this tool to import patient data into your patient database, including demographic information, allergies, and diagnoses. To make it simpler for your staff to enter data into your database, you can use the system to establish custom fields for patient records.

Document Imaging:

Onco EMR allows you to scan documents and upload them to the database so that you can view them together with other patient data in a single location. Additionally, this capability allows employees to view documents from any site using laptops or mobile devices online.

Self-Service Portal:

Oncologists can access their patient’s medical records using the self-service portal, a safe web-based interface, from any device with an internet connection. The platform is made to give oncologists the freedom to access and update their patients’ medical records at any time and from anywhere.

Quality Indicators:

The capacity of an EMR system to assist providers in raising the standard of care through enhanced reporting and documentation capabilities is one of its most crucial features. Tools are available through Onco EMR for evaluating patient compliance and adherence rates, two examples of quality measurements. Additionally, it gives templates.

Simple Setup & Training:

Onco EMR installs on your PC in only a few minutes, allowing you to start immediately. Our step-by-step setup guide is straightforward, even if you’ve never used a computer. For as long as you’re a customer, we offer free phone support and instructional videos.

Check the price of Allscripts EMR and Onco EMR

Onco EMR is a little less expensive than Allscripts EMR. Allscripts EMR yearly license charge is $1,750 for each user. You can also acquire a 30-day Allscripts EMR Demo version to test it out before buying. Additionally, Onco EHR can be purchased at $1,000 per user annually. However, this software does not have an Onco EHR Demo version.

Check the Pros and cons of Allscripts EMR and Onco EMR.

Allscripts EMR Evaluation


  • It is always accessible and runs wherever there is an internet connection.
  • It enables third-party connectors, which enhance workflow.
  • The customer service is very responsive.


  • Regular changes disrupt workflow, which lowers performance.
  • Everything is an extra cost; you must pay for each service separately.



  • OncoEMR offers oncology practitioners a tonne of valuable tools. One of our practice’s most enticing aspects is the flow sheet. You can make a treatment plan using the flow sheet and carry it out based on frequency.
  • Finding patients on Onco is simple; you may quickly look up or control everything you need in a patient’s chart.


  • Slow technical support
  • OncoEMR’s lab results presentation may be more user-friendly. Specialty laboratories can be challenging to follow using the flow sheet.