All you need to know about complete OTT Testing


Gone are the days when we watched movies and series only on TV or CDs. With the Internet’s popularization, many media platforms have appeared where you can find almost any photo and audio content. It is not surprising that there are more and more such platforms and applications every year. However, to get an excellent product, it is necessary to pass OTT testing to identify possible problems and fix them in time.

Development of OTT platforms

The life of a modern person is built in such a way that we cannot adjust our work schedule to the TV schedule. However, today you can easily find your favorite movie or series on your favorite device. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of views on popular platforms has increased several times. So, today 62% of the entire planet’s population are active users of such platforms. Good platforms are hugely popular, with Netflix now having over 200 million paying users in 190 countries.

The development of such OTT platforms is carried out by specialized IT companies, after which a lot of services appear on the market, many of which crash as soon as a fair number of visitors come to the service, or the number of errors that appear as a result of using such a service only scare away new users. TestFort media app testing is designed to solve all the problems of such streaming services by comprehensively testing each function separately and the entire service as a whole. It is easier to fix the errors that occur before the release of the service to the market, otherwise it can bring incredible losses.

What is OTT testing, and why is it needed?

It is a reasonably complex testing process performed through the Internet infrastructure. It involves comprehensive testing of all aspects of your platform to ensure a good quality of service. According to statistics, 76% of users do not continue a subscription if they are dissatisfied with the quality of service.

Some of the most important reasons why you should take the OTT test include the following:

  • Quality assurance across multiple platforms;
  • Bandwidth adaptability;
  • High-quality video playback;
  • Recovery from disconnected networks.

You need to carefully study the state of the industry of OTT platform testing, which will help you identify the most suitable testing tools and strategies. It will identify as many problems as possible and fix them in time.

How is OTT testing done?

OTT testing is a complex process. So, you must consider all the infrastructure components, networks, and applications.

UX/UI testing

Your platform must be easy and convenient to use. So, you must create a high-quality interface where fonts and colors are nice, there are no unnecessary advertising icons, and all buttons work correctly. Typically, manual testing is used to test the interface. Please involve many people in this, including potential users, so that they honestly talk about their user experience.

Performance Testing

Among the main challenges of testing OTT apps are performance tests. You need to check how many streaming requests worldwide your software can accept. Performance testing ensures that the media platform maintains server stability, reliability, and responsiveness, regardless of stream requests and bandwidth issues.

Stress Testing

You may have come across platforms that do not work well on weekends or holidays when the number of users is very high. So, you need to make sure that your platform is ready to work stably when a large number of users use it at the same time. If this does not matter much in the early stages, since the number of clients will be small, then it can become a big problem after a few years.

Localization testing

It would be best if you were prepared because you will have more and more clients from around the world. So, it would help if you ensured they all received excellent service. This checks for cultural relevance, linguistic accuracy, correct currency formatting, and customizable symbols (including language switching) across regions so that customers can enjoy a personalized platform experience.

Interoperability testing

More than 60% of all users are accustomed to watching videos on their smartphones. However, today you can easily watch your favorite movie on your computer, laptop, Smart TV, and other devices. So, you must ensure that your platform will work excellently across platforms.

Security Testing

You must ensure impeccable personal data protection and transactions if you provide paid subscription content. In addition, in the cloud era, OTT platforms need to transfer content securely using appropriate security measures. It ensures the impeccable security of sensitive data, including bank account information, personal data, personalized browsing habits, etc.

In the end

If you want to provide genuinely high-quality services, then you need to conduct high-quality, comprehensive testing. It will allow you to identify fundamental errors in software creation and correct them in time. So, you will be sure that potential customers will like your platform and that they will actively use it. It is worth saying that testing such software can be pretty expensive. However, with this help, you can offer your customers an excellent media platform, making a good profit.