All You Need to Know About Bahria Town Karachi 2 – A Comprehensive Guide



Bahria Town Karachi 2 is a well-known and widely talked about housing scheme in Pakistan. It is a project by Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd., which is one of the leading real estate developers in the country. The project is a sequel to the highly successful Bahria Town Karachi, and it promises to offer residents an even better and more luxurious lifestyle.

If you’re interested in investing in Phase 2 or are simply curious about what it has to offer, this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need.

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Location of Bahria Town Karachi 2

It is located in Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan. It is situated on the Super Highway, which is one of the major roads connecting Karachi to the rest of the country. The location is ideal for people who want to live in a peaceful and secure environment while still having access to all the amenities and facilities that a big city has to offer.

Bahria Town Karachi 2 Location

Features and Amenities

Society boasts a wide range of features and amenities that cater to the needs of modern-day residents. These include:

Gated Community

Community is a gated community, which means that it is secure and safe for residents to live in. There are multiple security checkpoints throughout the community, and the entire area is monitored by CCTV cameras.

Parks and Green Spaces

It has several parks and green spaces that provide residents with a peaceful and serene environment. These parks are perfect for people who enjoy outdoor activities and want to stay connected to nature.

Shopping and Dining

The housing scheme features a variety of shopping and dining options, including grocery stores, restaurants, and cafes. This means that residents don’t have to travel far to find everything they need.

Schools and Hospitals

Phase 2 has several schools and hospitals within its boundaries, making it an ideal location for families with children. These institutions offer high-quality education and healthcare services to residents.

Sports Facilities

Society has several sports facilities, including a cricket stadium, a football field, and a basketball court. These facilities are perfect for sports enthusiasts and people who enjoy an active lifestyle.

Healthcare Facilities

BTK 2 has several healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. These facilities provide residents with access to high-quality healthcare services, making it an ideal location for families and individuals who value their health and well-being.

Community Centers

It has several community centers that offer a range of services and facilities, including meeting rooms, sports facilities, and recreational areas. These centers are perfect for community gatherings and events, making it easy for residents to socialize and meet new people.


Phase 2 has a well-developed transportation network, with several bus stops and taxi stands located throughout the community. This makes it easy for residents to travel to other parts of Karachi without having to rely on their own vehicles.


The housing scheme has a well-developed infrastructure, with wide roads, reliable electricity, and water supply systems. This means that residents can enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free lifestyle without having to worry about basic necessities.

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BTK 2 has a robust security system in place, with several security checkpoints and CCTV cameras located throughout the community. This provides residents with a sense of safety and security, ensuring that they can live in peace and without any fear.

Entertainment Facilities

Society has several entertainment facilities, including cinemas, gaming arcades, and amusement parks. These facilities are perfect for families with children, providing them with a range of entertainment options without having to leave the community.

Eco-Friendly Environment

It is committed to creating an eco-friendly environment, with several initiatives in place to promote sustainability and reduce carbon footprint. These initiatives include green spaces, rainwater harvesting systems, and solar-powered street lights.

Employment Opportunities

Community is expected to create several employment opportunities, both during the construction phase and after its completion. This means that residents can benefit from job opportunities within the community, reducing the need to travel long distances for work.

Community Spirit

Phase 2 has a strong community spirit, with several community events and activities organized throughout the year. This helps foster a sense of belonging and togetherness among residents, making it a great place to live for people of all ages.

Investment Opportunities

Investing in BTK 2 can be a smart decision for those looking to buy property in Pakistan. The project offers a range of investment opportunities, including residential and commercial plots, apartments, and villas. The prices of these properties are relatively affordable, making them a good option for first-time buyers or investors.

Moreover, Phase 2 is expected to appreciate in value over time, which means that investors can expect a good return on their investment in the long run.

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Bahria Town Karachi 2 is a popular housing scheme in Pakistan that offers residents a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. It has several amenities and features that cater to the needs of modern-day residents, making it an ideal location for families and individuals.

Investing in Phase 2 can be a smart decision for those looking to buy property in Pakistan, as the project offers a range of investment opportunities at affordable prices. With its prime location, high-quality infrastructure, and top-notch amenities, BTK 2 is an excellent option for those looking to live in a secure and comfortable environment. So, book your plot now with Tajarat Properties.

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