All-in-one Guide to Deal with the QuickBooks Error OLSU 1024

QuickBooks Error OLSU 1024
QuickBooks Error OLSU 1024

QuickBooks is a widely used online application for securely handling high-volume currency exchanges and financial statements. Its versatility and variety of features have made it a favorite of users. However, due to application glitches or coding gaps, errors such as QuickBooks Error OLSU 1024 can appear and detract from your work experience.

QuickBooks Error OLSU 1024 “Error updating branding files! Please restart online banking setup to restart the update process.” when a user tries to create a bank account. Banking services are one of the great features of this application, facilitating business company transactions, but errors like this can disrupt the process. Read this blog to the end to find out what you can do to fix this issue. However, if you have any questions, please contact our support team.

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Factors that can Cause the OLSU 1024 Error

The OLSU 1024 error can occur for a variety of reasons, including

  1. Missing FIDir.txt file: The FIDir.txt file contains all of your important financial information. Errors can occur if QuickBooks cannot access this file when creating a bank account.
  2. Corrupted company files: Company files contain important files that are required for your application to run efficiently. Corruption can cause errors.
  3. Older QuickBooks applications: Older QuickBooks versions may cause compatibility issues and not work well with some features.
  4. Corrupted Hard Drive: The hard drive containing all important files related to QuickBooks can become corrupted or corrupted and cause errors in the application.
  5. Poor Internet Services: If there are continuous fluctuations with the network, the user will face issues dealing with online features including the banking feature.

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Fixing the Banking Issue in the QuickBooks Desktop

To avoid getting stuck in the loop of bank and QuickBooks Desktop errors, try out these methods to carefully fix the solution.

Solution 1: Download the Latest FIDir.txt File:

  • Open your C drive and navigate to the QuickBooks folder. Find the FIDir.txt file and rename it.
  • Now open the QuickBooks application and select the correct QuickBooks from the list to download the latest details of the financial institution directory.
  • Copy content by pressing Control+A to select all and Control+C to copy.
  • Then open a new document, press Control + V to paste, and save the document as FID.
  • Open the QuickBooks folder and paste this document into the FIDir.txt file. Now try to create a bank account using the Update Financial Institution Directory folder.

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Solution 2: Update the QuickBooks Application

  • Right-click the QuickBooks desktop and select Run as administrator. Enter your credentials and press Enter. Click Update QuickBooks. An update window will appear. Click Update Now and go to Get Updates to download the latest updates.
  • Install updates. Reopen QuickBooks and create a new bank account to see if the error is resolved.


QuickBooks error OLSU 1024 can interfere with using banking services from your application and cause unnecessary extra work when making payments from another website. To save yourself from this, try out the resolutions explained above. Hopefully, the solutions given above will help you eliminate this issue.  If the issue still persists, try contacting our expert by dialing 1-855-856-0042.\

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