All About Nitronic 60 Fasteners

Nitronic 60 Fasteners

What is Nitronic 60 Fasteners?

Nitronic 60 is a high-performance austenitic stainless steel that is often used for its superior corrosion resistance and high strength. Nitronic 60 fasteners, such as bolts, nuts, screws, and washers, are made from this alloy and are specifically designed to withstand extreme environments and high-stress applications.

Nitronic 60 Fasteners offer excellent resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion, as well as excellent wear and galling resistance. They are commonly used in industries such as aerospace, defense, marine, and chemical, where high reliability and durability are critical.

Reliable Nitronic 60 Fasteners for Critical Applications

Nitronic 60 fastener is an austenitic stainless steel with 8% manganese and 4% silicon that provides galling resistance even in the annealed condition. It also has a higher room temperature yield strength than either 304 or 316 stainless steel and oxidation resistance comparable to Type 309 S.S.

It is a highly versatile material that can be used for many applications. It can be hot forged or cold worked to achieve the desired properties and it is a great choice for valve stems, fasteners, nuts and bolts and pump components.

It is a more cost effective alternative to cobalt bearing or high nickel alloys and can be used in critical applications where there are a variety of axial and rotational movements. Its high temperature and wear properties make it an ideal material for applications exposed to extreme temperatures. It is also resistant to cavitation and has excellent corrosion resistance. It is often used in the marine industry, chemical processing streams and other similar applications.

Nitronic 60 Fasteners for Extreme Environment

Nitronic 60 fastener is a highly alloyed austenitic stainless steel that offers both good mechanical strength (more than double that of 316) and superior corrosion resistance. It can withstand elevated temperatures up to 1800degF, which is ideal for applications where corrosion and wear are a concern.

This grade is a popular choice for valve stems, seats and trim; fastening systems, screening; pins, bushings and roller bearings; and pump components. It is also known for its outstanding galling resistance even at high temperatures, thanks to the addition of 4% silicon and 8% manganese.

These benefits are enhanced by the fact that Nitronic60 fastener can be strengthened via cold-working without compromising its austenitic nature. In order to fully take advantage of its properties, however, the material must undergo proper heat treatment. This includes heating at 1350degF (730degC) and then quenching it in water or oil at room temperature to improve hardness and reduce distortion during welding operations.

Cost-Effective Nitronic 60 Fasteners

Nitronic 60 austenitic stainless steel is an excellent choice for a variety of applications. It has improved corrosion resistance and chloride pitting resistance over 304 stainless steel, and it offers superior high temperature oxidation resistance as well. It also offers almost double the yield strength of type 316 stainless steel.

It is an ideal material for a wide variety of applications that require good wear and galling resistance, including expansion joints in bridges, bearings, valves, pumps, and rings. It maintains these properties even when cold worked, annealed, or subjected to elevated temperatures, and it is considerably cheaper than nickel or cobalt based wear alloys.

Nitronic 60 fastener is also used in many applications where intergranular corrosion resistance is a concern, such as in hot chloride environments or in the presence of corrosive chemicals. It resists stress-corrosion cracking more effectively than 316, and it has an excellent resistance to rust and galvanic corrosion.