Ajlan: The demand for industrial lands is witnessing a steady growth in line with the demand for its products



Mr. Ajlan bin Abdulaziz Al Ajlan, Chairman of Ajlan & Bros. Company, has released the curtain on the fifth real estate plan in the Eastern Province since the beginning of the year, which is sold at public auction at Al-Andalus Hall in Dammam, with record success, recording record sales exceeding 400 million riyals, and all the pieces of the plan were sold in the presence of a number of senior Investors and major companies located in the Arabian Gulf and industrial cities and those interested in the real estate and industrial sectors and building warehouses.

Ajlan and Bros. Company, Ammar Real Estate Company and Yazdan Real Estate Group own Imdad industrial plan north of Abqaiq-Dhahran highway and south of the radar area with an area of 490,000 square meters and contains 193 plots of land that earns it a distinctive strategic location in the heart of the triangle: Dammam, Dhahran, and Al-Khobar facilitate the task of transportation and storage, and the plan is linked by an arterial network of highways and the mission, as it is located along the King Abdulaziz Port Road and the Jubail – Dhahran Expressway, in addition to its location near the Abu Hadriya Highway, which is the arterial road linking the State of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, in addition In addition to its proximity to the first industrial city, which is considered one of the first three industrial cities in the Kingdom, where there are about 130 factories that include the manufacture of foodstuffs, furniture, paper, printing products, plastics, chemical and metal products, appliances, cement and marble, as well as the second industrial city, which includes a large number of different industries which It is in great need of nearby warehouses to facilitate the storage process.

Ajlan Al Ajlan said that 70 percent of the total planned was auctioned on blocks, and the remainder was on individual pieces so that everyone could benefit from the buying and selling process.

Al Ajlan explained that the auction started on warehouse plots at a thousand riyals per square meter and commercial units at 1100 riyals per square meter, adding that the areas of commercial plots range from 1,300 to 4,000 square meters, and warehouses from 1,500 to 2,000 square meters, and Al Ajlan indicated that the plan is characterized by a ready-made structure in terms of settlement. Inclusive of land, water and electricity works, sanitation works, telephone networks, asphalt and lighting. Al Ajlan stressed that the emptying process will be immediately after the completion of the auction, indicating that the plan is authorized to build warehouses of all kinds, large, medium and small, in addition to storage works, distribution centers, services of food refrigerators and food processing plants, various vehicle services works, and the service of equipment of different sizes..

Al Ajlan considered the auction an important tributary to pump more industrial plans into the real estate market to keep pace with the growing demand for large and medium warehouses, stressing that the eastern region is one of the most important strategic centers in the Kingdom as it is an important oil, industrial, marine and commercial center due to the concentration of oil companies and related companies that always need warehouses. Highly efficient and in prime locations.

Al Ajlan pointed out that the Kingdom’s imports of various goods, especially in the eastern region, require the presence of a prepared warehouse area that facilitates the passage of goods from various ports and stores them in close, easy-to-handle places.

Ajlan Al Ajlan had closed during the past two months the auction of the cooperation plan in the city of Khobar and the auction of the Kairouan plan in Dammam with record success, and the sale of all the pieces of the plan, in light of the heavy presence of those interested in the real estate sector, whether developers or investors.