Advanced Uninstall Manager Review – Simple and effective solution for uninstalling Applications

advanced uninstall manager

Uninstalling an application does not remove all the application files every time. Removing the application entirely is a tricky task on the Mac as it leaves some files that take unnecessary space on your Mac.

To completely and successfully remove the application on the Mac we should use a third-party application that will remove the application for you. There are many applications available for installing the applications on the Mac. However, we will use Advanced Uninstall Manager which is one the best uninstall managers you can find.

It will list all the applications on your Mac and then you can remove them without any problem.

Advanced Uninstall Manager Review 


It is a simple application that you can use to completely remove the applications from your Mac. It will remove the applications without leaving any traces.

Let’s look at some features of Advanced Uninstaller Manager.

Uninstalls and removes all apps from your Mac easily:

Advanced Uninstall Manager is a simple and effective application uninstaller. This application will completely remove the application without leaving any traces. It will clean all the leftover files after uninstallation of the application. You can just drag and drop the application for removal.

Improves boot up time of the Mac:

Advanced Uninstall Manager shows a categorical list of apps and start-up programs. Using this you can remove the application from running at start up and it will boost up the boot time of the Mac. You can disable applications running at startup.

Scans for Installed Applications.

Advanced Uninstall Manager will scan your entire Mac for the installed applications and then show you the list of the application to the user. You can use Advanced Uninstall Manager to see the applications installed and then you can remove them if you do not want to use them.

Recover Valuable Storage Space.

Whenever an application is installed on the Mac it creates folders and files. Applications installed on the Mac will have lots of shortcuts and files on the Mac. If you drag and drop the applications for its removal then it may not remove all the files created by the application. The remaining files on the Mac will take lots of space on your Mac. When we use Advanced Uninstall Manager to uninstall the application then it will remove all the files thus recovering space on your Mac.

Secure Certain Applications

Advanced Uninstall Manager will help you to set apps that you do not want to remove as favourite. This will help you to safeguard the apps that you do not want to remove.

Benefits of Advanced Uninstall Manager Pros

  • Simple and easy to use application
  • Removes every single file that has been left by the application that has been uninstalled
  • By removing leftover files, it will recover valuable storage space
  • Improve start up Times

How to Use Advanced Uninstall Manager for uninstalling the application?

Advanced Uninstall Manager is an easy to use application.

First, you have to download and install Advanced Uninstall Manager from the link below (This app is available on the App Store):

Now once the application is installed its shortcut will be created on the desktop and now you just have to launch the application.

Now to remove the app click on the Uninstall Tab from the left-hand side panel. Now drag and drop the application to the centre to remove it.

Also, you can start the scan to scan all the applications installed on your Mac. And once the program lists all the applications installed you can select all the apps to be removed or you can remove them one by one.

Now to improve the boot time click on the Login items and remove unwanted apps from running at start up making Mac run smoother.

That’s it the applications can be uninstalled easily using this application. You can make your Mac work smoothly using this application.

Specifications of Advance Uninstall Manager

Size: Takes less space i.e., 7MB

Category: Comes in utilities category

Compatibility: Compatible with latest Mac OS | OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit

Language it is available in: English

Age Rating: 4+

Family Sharing: Supports family sharing

Price: $4.99

Download Link: Available on the Mac App Store

Developer Website:

The Final Verdict:

Uninstalling applications on the Mac OS can be a tricky task. Normally uninstalling the application will leave some residue files on the Mac. These files will take lots of space on the Mac. After some time, the storage space on Mac OS gets filled up and you won’t be able to install any other application on it.

You can manually remove these files however; the process will take lots of time and effort. Therefore, it is advisable to use Advanced Uninstall Manager for removing the apps from your Mac. Advanced Uninstall Manager is one the best uninstall managers available for Mac. It will remove the app and all its files.