Adjust your Techniques & Make a Transition from Light to Heavy Guitar


Strumming the string & playing the guitar works well with bare hands & fingers. Without having a certain tool, most guitarists couldn’t live without it, and the best tool is the Guitar Pick Heavy. If you are unfamiliar with the guitar picks, you can contact the local stores. We’ll walk you through how to start playing the Guitar picks. Let’s check how to transition from the light to the heavy guitar.


What is a guitar pick & why should you use this?

The Guitar Picks is often the triangular tool that is used to pick the triangular tool. Even we are talking about the guitar picks used to play the acoustic or electric guitar. There are several different materials that are used to design guitar picks. You can also find various sizes, colours and gauze of picks from the shop. Choosing the right pick for guitar is the toughest thing, but you can make it easy by following certain points.


Pick the right guitar pick by considering a few points

As we mentioned earlier, let’s pick the best guitar to play; it’s a good way to start with the single pick. Here are the best tips for selecting the guitar pick when considering the transition.



Now start with the thickness or gauge of the Dunlop Guitar Pick. A thinner or lighter guitar pick is good if you are a beginner. But if you have already used beginner guitar picks, it’s time to transition to heavy guitar picks. The thickness of the guitar pick is measured in mm. The thickness of guitar picks varies from 0.4mm picks & 1.5mm picks.


Shape & size

The guitar Tick Pick come in different sizes & shapes, so it is best if you choose the standard & classic guitar. The classic guitar pick has the toughest sharp point with the pointed top. The sides of guitar picks are similarly shaped, so you can hold this the way you want.


Picks for acoustic/electric guitar

There are different picks for the acoustic and electric guitar. So, before you make a transition select the best pick which meets the requirements. You might want to go for the thicker pick from Tik Pik. Selecting the medium pick as the best middle ground for electric guitar is also recommended.

By following the above consideration, you can make the best decision. For more knowledge, you can also consult with the experts.