A Tale of Two Websites

A-Tale-of-Two-Websites - 12adascz

Two companies in the same industry and the same geographic area can have different sales figures after getting a website. Having a website is important for businesses to expand their reach and advertise their services to more people, and there are two ways they can usually do so, namely through a web hosting service and through a web development company in New Jersey.

One company might want to save money and rely on a web hosting service to build its own site. While this is not bad in itself, a company taking this approach might also opt not to spend more by investing in a digital marketing strategy. Relying on a web hosting service and foregoing digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization or SEO is more affordable than relying on a website development company to build a site.

Another company might take the costlier approach of hiring a web development company and investing in SEO online marketing techniques. Doing so allows small businesses to be eventually discoverable in Google’s search engine results pages, but it takes a considerable amount of time to achieve this. Even once a website is built, it is not enough since the business must still use a marketing strategy to drive traffic to the site.

The company that relied on a web hosting service and did not invest in a digital marketing strategy will likely attempt to drive traffic to the site through giveaways. This tactic is by far cheaper than going for online marketing strategies. It can even immediately produce results than the costlier option as loyal customers and some newer ones will slowly trickle in and spread the name by word of mouth.

However, waiting for the results from SEO is better in the long run since the main point of the campaign is to get the website on the first page of Google’s search engine results pages. Customers search for the services they need, and the only way to be visible through such search methods is through search engine optimization.

Long story short, the company that did not skimp on its website and marketing strategies gets long term results by being discoverable. On the other hand, the company that skimped on its website remains largely invisible to new customers since people cannot find their services.

Landau Consulting has a better take on the tale of these two companies’ websites in their infographic here. Read on to know more about this story and the differences between the two websites.

A Tale of Two Website - 213adczw