A Guide to Sports Medicine, Various Injury Conditions and its Treatments

sports medicine mumbai
sports medicine mumbai

For everyone who would love to remain mobile and energetic, a sports-linked ailment can be devastating, affecting their daily routine and preventing them from playing the sport. Sports Medicine experts specialize in assisting patients to get back to an activity or sports as early as possible. 

A joint team of experts from physical medicine, orthopedics, and therapy helps the athlete in handling injuries that are related to sports, including conditions that affect the muscles, joints, and bones. The team of doctors specializing in sports medicine in Mumbai works carefully with patients to design customized cure plans, whether they need the most cutting-edge pre-operative or post-operative care available or the advanced arthroscopic or Surgical treatment.

Examining- Sports medicine and injuries:

Diagnosis of sports injury is dependent on the type, location, and seriousness of it. A sports medicine expert in Mumbai will most probably start the examination with In-depth questions related to the injury, such as how did it happen? Whether it just originated or did it gradually increase, and what actions aggravate pain. a complete physical assessment to examine your scope of motion, and search for trauma signs, for example, redness, distortion, bruising, and inflammation.

Several injuries will need imaging to get a clear picture of your tissues and bones and how they are affected. Imaging machines scan for the kind of injury and its location in the body through MRIs, X-rays, Ultrasounds, and CT scans.

Treatment in Sports Injuries:

Sports medicine team of expert doctors prepare treatment strategies that may require other doctors, such as athletic trainers, and physical therapists. So, the cure plan will depend on your diagnosis.

Many sports wounds or injuries will heal themselves with rest, ice, compression, and elevation, also called RICE in the field of sports medicine. Some other injuries may need physical therapy and few will medication more specialized treatment, such as surgery 

Therefore, Not all sports medicine doctors in Mumbai can carry out the surgery. Orthopedic specialists who have done their fellowships in sports medicine can undertake surgery related to sports injuries.

A few standard sports medicine cures include: 

  • The course of action for training and exercise consists of increasing flexibility, cardiovascular training, etc. Usually by sprain physiotherapist 
  • Medicines, including steroid injections biologically like PRP, stem cells.
  • Physical remedial sessions to improve fitness, strength, and movement.
  • Post-surgery recovery to help athletes/people return to sports and exercise. It comprises rehabilitation after operation for bone fracture, knee and hip replacement, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle injuries, back problems, and back pain.
  • Back-to-play assessments for injured or sick sportspersons.
  • Sports nutrition regulation, including guidance about hydration and supplements. 
  • Steadiness and early treatment for bad injuries in the field. On-site assistance can also consist of stitching cuts, strapping broken bones, and dressing.

Doctors specializing in the field of sports medicine do much more than only catering to athletes or professionals. They manage the health issues of individuals who regularly carry out physical and sports activities. Find an expert in sports medicine Mumbai near you.