A Guide to Microsoft Certification: Jobs, Levels, and Options

Microsoft certificates
Microsoft certificates

In the current age, cloud computing is one of the most rapidly growing technologies. This is excellent news for job seekers as there is an increased demand for personnel to manage and handle cloud technology. Companies like Google, Amazon, and IBM have all designed products related to cloud services to try and capture the flourishing market. Microsoft Azure is the current leader in the field and accounts for about 29% of the application overload in the cloud market. 

The above statistics indicate an increasing demand for IT-certified professionals holding Microsoft certificates. As more companies turn to Microsoft Azure for their cloud service needs, the need for Azure-certified professionals in the company will only keep increasing. Azure certifications will ultimately help you attain a senior role, and a potentially higher salary, as this credential proves your skill and expertise.

Let us discuss the Azure Certification job options and levels in detail.

What exactly is Microsoft Azure certification?

Microsoft Azure Certification is a valid document that acts as concrete proof of your technical skills, rendering you eligible for various job positions at Microsoft Azure. 

Levels of Microsoft certifications

You can pursue three certification levels related to Microsoft online courses— expert, associate, and fundamental. Once you have attained the fundamental level certification, you can apply for the associate-level or expert-level certification. Please note that the associate-level exams are not mandatory to advance to the expert level. 

Fundamental level Microsoft Azure certifications

The fundamental level Microsoft Azure certifications can be attained by passing any of the following four exams:

  • Azure AI Fundamentals
  • Azure Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals Azure
  • Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity 

Associate-level Microsoft Azure certifications

The associate-level Microsoft Azure certification can be attained by passing any two of the following thirteen exams: 

  • Security Operations Analyst Associate
  • Azure AI Engineer Associate
  • Identity and Access Administrator Associate 
  • Azure Administrator Associate
  • Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate
  • Azure Developer Associate
  • Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate 
  • Azure Database Administrator Associate
  • Azure Stack Hub Operator Associate
  • Azure Security Engineer Associate
  • Azure Data Scientist Associate  
  • Azure Data Engineer Associate

Expert-level Microsoft Azure certifications

The expert-level Microsoft certification training can be obtained by passing any of the two expert-level exams out of the three listed below:

  • Azure Solutions Architect Expert
  • Cybersecurity Architect Expert 
  • DevOps Engineer Expert 

Specific Microsoft Azure certifications

You can also sign up for specific certifications tailored according to the topics of one cloud domain. There are twenty-five different Microsoft certifications that you can apply for, including Azure Virtual Desktop Speciality, Cosmos DB Speciality, Azure Support Engineer for Connectivity Speciality, and Azure loT Developer Speciality. Depending on the level of certification, the cost of Microsoft Azure certifications ranges from 99$ to 164$.

What are the job prospects for Microsoft Azure-certified IT professionals?


As Microsoft Azure gains popularity and continues to dominate the cloud security industry, the demand for Microsoft Azure-certified IT professionals also increases. Acquiring a Microsoft Azure certificate is a great option if you are interested in working in the cloud industry, as it will make you eligible for many high-paying, senior-level job roles.

Career paths related to Microsoft certifications

Microsoft certification courses have been intentionally created to be role-based and designed so that the certificate holder develops the skills needed to succeed in common IT positions. Following are the top ten core jobs in the cloud domain targeted by Microsoft certifications:

  • Cloud Administrator
  • AI Engineer
  • Cloud Solutions Architect
  • Cloud Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Functional Consultant
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Solutions Architect
  • Security Engineer


Whether you are a newbie in the Microsoft Azure domain or a seasoned veteran who wants to qualify as a Microsoft-certified professional, it is helpful to start preparing for certification exams early and stay ahead of your game. If you are new to the industry, consider taking the Microsoft Fundamental level exams. You can go for the Associate or Expert level certification exams if you have mastered the basics. Many virtual platforms are offering training on these certifications. The certifications will help you grow professionally in the field of cloud computing by boosting your resume and making you eligible for several high-level job roles in the field of cloud computing. With proper preparation, you can easily excel in the exam and ace your career.