A Comprehensive Guide to Select Bathroom Rugs

Bathroom Rugs

Indubitably, seeing bathroom rugs in typical middle-class homes is uncommon. As a child, whenever we got a glimpse at it anywhere, we thought of the owners to be filthy rich. However, unlike in the past, priorities have changed dramatically. The things we felt are a part of luxury have become ordinary present-day. Bathroom rugs these days have become significantly prominent. Not just do they enhance the look of the bathroom, but help create an organized space. The wet feet, if brought to the bedroom, mess things up. By soaking the excess water from the body, they help maintain hygiene. Before we delve into knowing the types, let us know the benefits of bathroom rugs first.

Benefits of Bathroom Rugs

  • Uniqueness- If you want to be distinctive, try adding bathroom rugsBesides enhancing the overall look of the area, they showcase status. Rugs indirectly define a person’s choice and make a home stand apart. A mindfully selected bathroom rug promotes luxury and distinctiveness. Moreover, a beautiful contrasted rug elevates the interior beauty and provides relaxation from the tiring day.
  • Safety- High-quality bathroom rugs not just make exteriors graceful but ensure your safety. Majority of them come with anti-skid properties. Whenever you have a wet body, the chances of slipping on fancy tiles incline. By keeping your feet on the rugs, you can avoid any probable mishappenings.
  • Comfortness- It becomes quite tough to contact directly with cold tiles in winters. The chill on the floor sometimes becomes the reason for sinus or sneezing. Bathroom rugs ensure comfort in extreme weather seasons. They are absorbent, soft and allow a comfortable experience. Also, they showcase luxury and help to maintain a standard. Numerous hotels, guest houses, and homestays are laden with quality mats. Besides letting us know the status, they increase the value of a property.

Bath Mats vs Bath Rugs

These two are assumed to be similar. Many people face difficulty finding any distinction and buy a faulty product. Let us know the difference between them:

Bath Mats

A bath mat is designed to prevent sippling. People prefer to keep them in front of the bathtubs. They absorb extra water from your body and allow relaxation. Besides preventing you from slipping on the floor, they work well in cold seasons. Also, the excellent build makes them last longer for years.

Bath Rugs

The prominent reason behind making bath rugs was for design element. Although, bathroom rugs also have anti-skid properties, they enhance the beauty of the bathroom drastically. Besides that, it’s not crucial to keep them outside a bathtub or shower. They look beautiful outside the bathroom. Moreover, they look even nicer if contrasted well with interiors. For instance, a well-harmonized bathroom rug with doors, curtains, and colour texture, looks aesthetically pleasing.

Although bath mats and bath rugs look extremely beautiful, bath mats are more functional. The anti-skid property in bat mats is unmatchable and helps to avoid any injury. On the other hand, the plush bathroom rugs enhance the radiance of the bathroom.

Types of Bathroom Rugs

Cotton Rugs

Despite the endless variety of bathroom rugs, cotton material tops the list. Unlike others, these are widely available. Also, cotton is an ordinary household material owing to its effective properties. Cotton bathroom rugs are highly absorbable and aid in keeping the space clean. They are highly versatile and are available in different shapes and designs. Besides the exteriors, they are effortless to clean. Most of the rugs shine bright even if washed in machines. The cotton yarn used in their manufacturing remains intact after years of use. Among all cotton rugs, the Egyptian bathroom rugs are softer. Their absorbing quality is higher and comes in beautiful colours. Besides the quality of material, cotton bathroom rugs are affordable. Unlike silk and bamboo, they have economical and widely accessible.

Microfiber Rugs

Undeniably, microfiber rugs are gaining more attention because of their fabric. They are softer and more absorbent than cotton. One significant downside of cotton is that they lose shine if washed continuously. However, microfiber rugs usually outweigh cotton for this quality. Most of these shine bright and give a luxurious look. They slip less, dry quickly, maintain their shine, and offer effortless cleaning. Just like cotton rugs, they are good to go for machine wash. Also, their exteriors lure many people, as having microfiber rugs means having luxury.

Bamboo Mats

Many of you have might not heard of bamboo mats. But, they are becoming increasingly popular because of their look. With the rising demand for minimalistic interiors, such pleasing stuff adds royalty. They look bright and showcase class. Undoubtedly, bamboo rugs are not as comfortable as cotton or microfiber rugs. They are stiff, firm, and hard to deal with. Also, they lack high absorbent properties and drying patterns. Still, people love them as they prevent slipping and look unique.

Final Words

Bathroom Rugs are as necessary as other decorative elements. Their function and design appeal is unmatchable. Not just do they create an attractive environment, but additional benefits. WallMantra has tried to bring a captivating collection of bathroom rugs. They make your house look dazzling and appealing.