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9 Easy Steps to a Happier You

Happiness is something that people strive for every day. It’s a goal, a destination, and a feeling. We want it, yet we struggle to achieve it.

Finding happiness can be frustrating, elusive, and confusing. However, from changing small habits to finding some “me” time makes a lot of difference. Many individuals also found individual counseling effective in reclaiming joy and reaching their full potential.

Here are some of the simple things you can do to make yourself smile☺️.

  1. Be Present with Yourself

The most crucial step for being happy is to be present with yourself. Obviously, there are times when you just can’t help thinking about the past or worrying about the future—but when you notice that happening, try to bring your attention back to the present and focus on the moment. This is imperative because we can miss out on a lot of good moments due to wondering what’s going to happen next or getting stuck in the past.

  1. Stop Comparing 

Comparing yourself to other people isn’t a healthy habit and can make you forget about all the good things you have. Instead of looking at others and thinking, “I wish I had her life” or “He’s so lucky,” focus on what makes you happy about your own life.

  1. Start Saying “Yes” To New Things

This is one of the easiest ways to open yourself up to new experiences and opportunities. Say yes when an old friend asks if you want to meet up for coffee or when your coworker invites you for a happy hour round of drinks. Push out of your comfort zone regularly—it’ll help build confidence and lead to personal growth.

  1. Love Yourself

It may sound cliché, but loving yourself is essential to happiness. Self-love can mean many things; it’s all about doing what makes you feel good both inside and out.

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  1. Learn How To Say “No”

You can’t make everyone happy, and you can’t do everything for everyone. So get used to saying no, especially to people who demand so much from you but aren’t there when you need them. Stop trying so hard to please others, and focus on what really matters to you.

  1. Surround Yourself With Things You Love

Another important step toward a happier you is to surround yourself with things you love. Whether it’s your favorite piece of art, some candles that you like, or a houseplant that makes you smile, fill your home with things that are meaningful to you. A house filled with your favorite things will help put you in a good mood when you wake up in the morning and come home from work at night.

  1. Gratitude

We’ve all heard that gratitude is important, but what does that mean? How do we express our gratitude? There are a number of ways to show how thankful you are for the people who are important to you and appreciating the good things in your life. At the end of each day you can write down three things that made you grateful, and if there’s someone special in your life who makes you smile every day, let them know it! Saying thank you is simple but so powerful. You don’t need to show your gratitude in a grand gesture, that one simple phrase can mean so much to you and them.

  1. Mindfulness

Mindfulness isn’t about being perfect, it’s about practicing acceptance and gratitude. How can you begin? Just take a few minutes to be still, breathe deeply and bring yourself into the moment by focusing on what you can smell, see, hear and feel around you. Just being present in the moment helps us focus and stop worrying about everything else.

  1. Kindness

Kindness can be as simple as a smile, looking someone in the eye when you greet them, or offering a little compliment. These things only take a few minutes and can make a difference to the people around you. Plus, when you’re kind to others, you will feel better about yourself.

The Power is Yours

Happiness is a choice, not an accident. You have the power to make a change in your life, and it all starts with self-love!

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