9 Beauty Trends to Look Out for in 2023


Beauty trends change all the time. One month we need graphic liner and the next it’s all about the natural look, but if you’re looking to get on top of the trends that are forecast to continue into 2023, we’ve got you covered.

Below are 9 of the top beauty trends that have been forecasted into the new year. Take a look to learn more now.

Side partings are back in

Once described as ‘cheugy’ by the young people on TikTok, side partings have started to make a comeback over the past few months, and it’s signalled a major shift in the hair industry. After years of training our hair into a middle parting, it looks like we’re back to the early noughties with side partings in 2023!

Wednesday Addams said grunge is in

Though it was a trend before the new Wednesday Addams-inspired Netflix series hit our screens, the popularity of the series has cemented the grunge look in the forecast for next year. Think eyeliner, smoky eyes, moody colours, and some seriously iconic dance moves! 

Cosmetic procedures are mainstream

Over the past few years, cosmetic procedures like lip fillers and Botox have become much more mainstream, and this trend is set to stay in 2023. The safety precautions and general regulation around this industry are much tighter than they once were and there are a growing number of highly-respected and reputable clinics to choose from. 

So, if you have been toying with the idea of booking into a Skin Vitality Botox Clinic, this is your sign to do so. And remember – always opt for a licensed professional for cosmetic procedures and ensure you know all of the risks before undergoing to procedure!

Ask for ombre nails at the salon

Ombre nails are a trend we’ve been seeing a lot recently. It’s essentially one colour fading into another on your nails, and it looks pretty cool! So, next time you’re at the nail salon, ask for ombre nails to get ahead of this 2023 nail art trend.

Or go full metallic with your nails

And if you want something a little more dramatic, metallic nails are also another nail art trend that is set to continue into 2023. As the name suggests, this is essentially a full nail of metallic colours and is a great choice for the party season – or to make January a little less miserable!

Doe eyes are a thing

From cat-eyes to fox eyes, and now to doe eyes, 2023 is forecasted to be the year of another eyeliner trend. Doe eyes means using eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger and more, well, doe-like. We’re absolutely certain that there will already be tonnes of TikTok’s teaching us how to do this – and if not, there is soon to be.

If you’re like us and have never been great at eyeliner flicks, you’ll be pleased to know that doe eyes don’t require quite as much patience as the graphic liner trends we have seen this year. Indeed, the flick it requires is pretty small!

Spiky buns are all the rage

And in another throwback to the noughties, spiky buns are back in. This hair trend has been seen a few times already this year, most notably on Gigi Hadid at the Met Gala, and it’s a style that is set to be on-trend into the new year too. It’s a great way to make your hair look great even if you’ve not washed it too!

Chebula serum is the skincare product you’ll need

Chebula is an Ayurvedic herb that contains powerful antioxidant properties, and it is set to become a popular ingredient in skincare in 2023. It is often found in anti-aging products and is known to reduce lines and brighten the skin. Look out for it in 2023!

Skincare goes refillable

And lastly, skincare is continuing its foray into the sustainable and going refillable. This isn’t totally new, but it is the first time that we’ve seen mainstream skincare turn refillable to reduce their waste and it’s a great victory for the climate crisis!