7 Questions You Might Want To Ask About IVF

IVF Treatment in Chandigarh

The demand for IVF (In Vitro fertilization) is increasing because of the increasing number of infertile couples. It is a medical technique that treats various infertility issues and allows couples to become parents. Put simply, IVF is a boon for spouses who are unable to conceive naturally. In this treatment, the egg cell of females is fertilized outside the body with sperm. In Vitro Fertilization treatment in Chandigarh or any other city is done meticulously at an affordable price in lieu of developed European countries.

The fertility specialist monitors the embryo in a lab environment for a few days before transferring it to the female’s womb. The whole IVF procedure is done meticulously by considering all the vital factors. Many people think that the success rate depends only on the doctor’s expertise; however, it is not. The odds of success of In Vitro Fertilization treatment also depend on the root cause of infertility, age, and a number of previously failed IVF cycles.

The process is assisted by a few medications that are given to produce a large number of healthy eggs in the female’s reproductive system. IVF procedure is very common and beneficial, but still, many people do not have a deep knowledge of it. A few questions that you might have about this treatment are answered below.

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Who are IVF Specialists?

Those who have achieved a master’s degree in embryology after graduating in medicine and life sciences. However, extensive years of training and experience are also needed to become an embryologist. They play a crucial role in each stage of In Vitro Fertilization treatment. They analyze your infertility and guide you in preparing for the procedure. Being an IVF is a pretty lucrative career option as many couples are suffering from infertility due to busy lifestyles and poor eating habits.

What is the difference between IUI and IVF?

IUI (In Uterine Insemination) and IVF are two types of ART (assisted reproductive technology). IUI is done when the sperm of a male cannot travel effectively into a woman’s reproductive tract. This treatment alleviates the travel of sperm so that it easily reaches the egg present in the fallopian tube. On the other hand, In Vitro Fertilization deals with the simulation, retrieval, and fertilization of eggs, as mentioned above.

IUI is a cheaper and shorter process in comparison to IVF. But the success rate of IVF is much greater than IUI.

Is the IVF procedure painful?

Many people have a common myth about IVF that it’s painful. However, it is not so. Yes, it’s a bit uncomfortable but does not cause severe pain. Only certain parts of the cycle, like egg retrieval and embryo transfer, may cause pain to some women, but it’s not unbearable at all. So, it is completely wrong to say that an outrageous amount of pain is associated with In Vitro Fertilization treatment.

Can we get twins with IVF?

Fortunately, yes. You can have twin babies with an IVF procedure. It is the process of placing an embryo in the uterus. If you want to have more than one baby with this technique, the doctor will place more embryos, and you can have twins or triplets. However, embryologists consider certain factors before transferring two embryos into a woman’s womb.

What is the difference between IVF & test-tube babies?

You may have confusion between two terms: Test tube baby and IVF. Well, they both are the same. An IVF baby is also called a test tube baby because the embryo is formed in a clinical test tube in the place of the fallopian tube. But, these days, Petri dishes have replaced test tubes. And the babies formed with this procedure are just like other normal babies.

Is it possible to select the baby’s gender through IVF?

Well, it is banned in India. But, selecting a baby’s gender through In Vitro Fertilization treatment is legal. United States, Mexico, Australia, Dubai, and many other countries allow selecting the sex of their offspring through IVF. Many people travel there if they want to have a child with a specific gender.

Which are the best IVF centers in Chandigarh?

Many couples from different parts of north India visit Chandigarh for IVF treatment because this city is pretty affordable. Some of the best infertility clinics in Chandigarh are Reviva Infertility center, IVY hospital, and Cloud 9.

The Bottom Line-:

Indeed, In Vitro Fertilization treatment is the best way to overcome infertility issues, but choosing the fertility center carefully is imperative.