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7 Main Benefits of Buying Your iPhone Directly From Apple Over Carrier

For many people, purchasing an iPhone from Apple unlocked is the best way. Here are some of the benefits of doing so.

When it comes to purchasing a new iPhone, there are a plethora of options. While each of these options has its own set of pros and disadvantages, don’t overlook the possibility of purchasing your iPhone straight from Apple.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why purchasing an iPhone from Apple can be worthwhile. They don’t always applicable, but they’re worth thinking about before you make them.

1. You’ll Own Your Phone

Most carriers no longer provide discounted phone pricing if you pay in monthly payments over a few years. That implies that, if you can afford it, buying your iPhone in full and upfront is a good idea, especially if you buy it from Apple.

You can do whatever you want with your phone if you own it. If you get into financial difficulties and need to sell your iPhone quickly, you may do it when you own it outright.

It’s simpler to sell an iPhone that can be used on any network rather than one that is only compatible with one carrier. However, if you pay for your phone monthly through a carrier, even if you sell it, you’ll still be responsible for the remaining payments on the contract.

After you pay off your phone, some carriers will unlock it for you. Even if you buy your phone outright, most carriers impose time limits on when they’ll unlock it. You may be required to utilize the service for a set amount of time or to visit a store and complete “additional conditions.” When you could just obtain an unlocked phone from the start, they are extra hoops to jump through.

It’s worth noting that if you buy from Apple, you can still connect to one of the big four carriers at the time of purchase and have your phone ready to go. Your device will nearly always be unlocked.

2. Freedom to Switch Providers

When you buy an unlocked iPhone from Apple, you may use it with whatever carrier you want. You are not obligated to sign a contract with the mobile operator to use the device.

Assume you purchased your iPhone today and added it to your AT&T account. If a better deal with T-Mobile were available in six months, you could quit AT&T (assuming you didn’t have a contract for the service) and switch to T-Mobile at any time. You don’t have to worry about being tied to your carrier for as long as you own your phone since it’s 100 percent yours.

This is even better if you sign up with an MVNO like Mint Mobile instead of one of the big carriers. You can save a lot of money while still obtaining dependable service if you don’t mind giving up a few of the main carriers’ flashy features.

3. More International Flexibility

International travel is pricey with most carrier plans. You’ll almost certainly be charged a daily fee just for taking your phone out of your own country, and then you’ll have to pay higher rates for calls and data. There’s not much you can do if your phone is tied to a network in your country—aside from keeping it in airplane mode and just accessing Wi-Fi.

However, with a fully unlocked phone, you can buy a local SIM card and utilize that service for far less money everywhere you travel. It is significantly less expensive to purchase a prepaid card from your destination country that covers your usual usage than to pay your home carrier’s international rates.

4. Apple Has a Great Return Policy

If you buy a new iPhone from Apple and decide you don’t like it, you are not obligated to keep it. In the United States, Apple allows you to return your product within 14 days after receiving it, no questions asked. This means that if you try out a Pro Max iPhone model and find it’s too big for you, you won’t be stuck with it for a year or more.

If you live near an Apple Store, you may take your return there and receive a prompt refund. Otherwise, you may use your Apple ID order history to create a return shipping label that you can drop off with a shipping provider.

The return policy of carriers might be very different. Some retailers provide a comparable two-week return time, although they may charge a restocking fee or apply additional limitations. If you’re not sure if you’ll like your new phone, purchasing it from Apple provides you the time to try it out first.

5. Cash Back With Apple Card

If you have an Apple Card or are interested in getting one, using it to pay for your Apple purchase will get you the most payback. The Apple Card rewards you with 3% cashback on all Apple purchases.

While this isn’t a big amount of money, on a significant purchase like a new iPhone, every little bit helps. Because most credit cards don’t provide additional cashback on technology purchases, three percent instead of one percent may net you an extra $15 or $20.

However, when compared to many other credit cards, the Apple Card isn’t as good for regular use. Many other cards provide varying percentages back on basic purchases such as petrol and groceries. When you use one of those cards to buy dairy products, you’ll earn more cashback than if you buy an iPhone every two years.

6. The iPhone Upgrade Program Option

The majority of the factors above emphasize why getting your iPhone unlocked and free of carrier influence is such a good idea. However, not everyone can afford to buy entirely. If you want to pay every month and are concerned about harming your iPhone, the iPhone Upgrade Program is another reason to buy from Apple.

You pay a monthly charge to cover the cost of your iPhone as well as AppleCare+ coverage with this program. After you’ve completed 12 payments, you’ll be able to trade in your old phone and upgrade to the latest model, which will begin the process all over again.

Paying monthly eliminates some of the above-mentioned flexibility. This is a good option if you value obtaining the latest iPhone every year and would buy AppleCare anyhow.

The lowest possible pricing for the iPhone Upgrade Program is $35.33 per month for a 128GB iPhone 13 mini at the time of writing. The most costly plan, on the other hand, is $74.91 per month for a 1TB iPhone 13, Pro Max. If you choose, you may upgrade to AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss for an extra cost.

7. Interest-free loan

You may pay for your iPhone with the iPhone Upgrade Program by making interest-free monthly payments for up to 24 months. However, only those with strong credit will be eligible. If your score is low, you should try to raise it before purchasing a new phone.

Buying From Apple Has Its Advantages

We’ve presented a right for buying an unlocked iPhone directly from Apple. In other words, buying your phone unlocked means you can use it whatever you want, rather than having to work around carrier restrictions.

If you can get a good deal from your current carrier, don’t intend on leaving, and don’t travel overseas, another alternative could be a better fit for you. Simply make sure you buy your new Wholesale iPhone at the right time.

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