7 Best Affordable Local SEO Services in Australia

Local SEO services

Search engine optimisation (SEO) plays a crucial role in creating a digital footprint for many businesses these days. With SEO, an organisation has the power to boost its website visibility and target specific web visitors by using search engine algorithms. 

Search engines, such as Bing and Google, utilise bots to crawl web pages, collect data and store them in an index. Afterwards, the algorithm analyses the page in the index by considering hundreds of signals or ranking experts. This is to establish the order of the pages that will appear whenever a user searches on the internet. 

Fortunately, Australia has some of the best local expert SEO services at an affordable price. You can use the list below to connect with the best companies. You can check their current and previous projects and client reviews to determine which company best suits your needs.

Top local SEO companies


Intesols is at the top of our list, with up to 249 employees working for their clients. The company centres around incorporating a design-centric approach to SEO. They also specialise in emphasising the most crucial elements of brand awareness. Intesols has its headquarters at Hampton East, Australia. 

One of the projects they handled was the MAZE Products, which needed help in creating a new approach for their brand. The marketing agency submitted a well-structured analysis that incorporates a couple of strategies to help make their approach more impactful.

HMG Digital

HMG Digital comprises passionate, entrepreneurial digital marketers with a combined experience of 22 years in the marketing industry. Its team of dedicated marketing hustlers offers insightful knowledge into the world of digital marketing and is focused on delivering results.

A few of their services include web development, SEO, lead generation and social media management. The team’s UX/UI experts and developers create stunning websites to help improve your brand awareness and digital personality. Their lead generation strategies are so effective in reaching their client’s target market and helping the business grow.

With their available resources, HMG Digital can help any business succeed in reaching their marketing objectives or objectives. They can easily recognise core issues and execute an effective strategy that is designed to deliver results.

Sonder Digital Marketing

Located in Newstead, Australia, Sonder Digital Marketing is a web design agency that has handled various significant projects, such as Pedders Suspension, among many others. This local SEO firm rovides services to multiple organisations globally, focusing their web design services to boost brand perception and create measurable sales. 

Aside from SEO and web design, Sonders Digital Marketing also offers web development and content marketing services as part of its primary services. They use Elementor visual builder and WordPress to create excellent websites with fully customisable features.

SAVV Digital

SAVV Digital creates a unique fusion of creative digital looks, intelligent tech solutions and strategical consulting to give their clients the edge that they need to rise above the competition.

As a digital marketing agency, they provide a customised disruptive model that aims to widen their clients’ target market reach, brand awareness, customer loyalty and revenue growth. They believe that a consistent value creation approach is the core value for any business to thrive.

Let’s Build a Website

Let’s Build a Website has clients in different industries, including Atlantis America and Northside Defence. Their services also centre around a design-centric approach to web design, focusing on the most crucial elements in their client’s online branding.

Northside Defence went to Let’s Build a Website to seek help with entirely revising its brand approach. The agency assisted them by providing an end-to-end analysis of creating a more targeted and impactful approach to their market.

Due North

Due North is dedicated to helping its clients grow using highly effective digital marketing strategies. Their services vary from content creation, system analysis and web management.

The company has partnered with various medium-sized B2Bs to help them increase their revenue within three years, attract more customers and deliver better customer experiences through their website.

Shoutout Digital

Shoutout Digital is an SEO agency that has achieved widespread success because of its highly targeted SEO work. Apart from search engine optimisation services, they also offer advertising and marketing, among many others.

Most of the clients they worked with were from the medical industry, primarily dental clinics. They aim to combine their marketing expertise, industry-leading technology and support team to provide their clients with the services that they need.

Benefits of using SEO

Attracts potential customers through organic search

Ranking on the first page of every search engine is one of the best ways to get your company seen by customers. Using SEO helps you jump over to the top spot by ranking for specific search terms and gaining the attention of the right customers.

Builds a unique custom web experience

The technical elements of SEO, such as the backlinks and page speed, is an excellent way to give your customers a trustworthy experience every time they visit your site. Ensuring that your site is in top shape makes it easier for site visitors to browse through your website.

Helps you centre around user experience

Aside from helping you rank on search engines, utilising SEO can also help you find ways to provide the best solutions for your customers to enhance their user experience. For instance, you can lay out your site to make it easier to find the information they need. You can also put valuable information that your target market may find helpful. Doing these things gives you a significant chance of ranking better.

Boosts brand awareness

Lastly, improving your ranking with the help of SEO is an excellent way to boost your company’s overall brand awareness. Reaching the top page generates a few more touchpoints to help you reach out to your potential customers.

Key Takeaways

Knowing where to start when formulating an effective SEO strategy is challenging. You need to address so much information that understanding it can be highly frustrating. You can do this by working with an excellent local SEO service in Australia that can help you with your SEO journey. However, be sure to only work with an SEO company that has your best interests at heart. Doing so guarantees that you’ll achieve your goals with proper guidance.