6 car insurance tips you need to know!

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Are you looking for car insurance tips? Are you looking for the best solution for your vehicle and need to understand what fits your needs? So, take the opportunity to stay on top of the best advice in this content! 

The insurance market grows in Brazil, and according to Susep (Superintendence of Private Insurance), in the first seven months of 2021, the supervised sector raised 172.46 billion, corresponding to 24.35 billion more than the same period of 2020 _ 

This proves how more and more people are aware of the importance of having this protection. 

Having insurance is essential for achieving greater peace of mind in everyday life and preventing unforeseen events.

For you who are already thinking about hiring protection for your car, we list six tips on auto insurance. Just look:  

car insurance tips everyone should know 

Search and compare prices

One of the top car insurance tips is to research and compare prices before closing. There are many insurers on the market that can offer different conditions, values ​​, and products.

Always try to quote with at least 3 different companies before deciding. But it is also very important to evaluate the cost x benefit. Keep in mind that there are many things to consider when quoting insurance, and the cheapest insurance is not always the best for you.

Understand your need before hiring

Insurance is not all the same and, generally, plans are made up of coverage. The basic ones usually cover theft, fire, flood damage, or collision, but there are others that you can supplement your protection with, such as broken windows and a spare car.

Depending on the list of coverages available, the value may be higher or lower.

Of course, the more coverage, the more peaceful you are, but it is important to assess your need before hiring.

For example: do you use the car frequently on longer trips? In this case, it is worth hiring 24-hour assistance with a higher tow mileage. Since it only runs in urban areas, a lower mileage may be enough. 

Include necessary toppings

The most important thing when quoting is to understand how you will use the vehicle and what are the necessary protections for you to be protected. 

So, evaluate what is most important to you to decide which coverage to buy. 

The amount of insurance may also vary depending on these choices. So, the recommendation is always to think about the best cost x benefit and tranquility. 

Always analyze the convenience you will have when you can count on extra protections and how they can help you according to the use you have of the vehicle. 

Consider third-party coverage

Among the top car insurance tips is hiring third-party coverage. Also known as Civil Liability coverage (RCV), it is very important to cover possible damages to third parties in the event of an accident.

If the driver is responsible for an incident with material or bodily harm to the victims, the insurance bears the costs of assistance, according to the amount stipulated in the policy.

Attention to the documentation

Pay close attention to your vehicle documentation and the entire policy to make sure everything is in order. Also, try to understand what expectations you may have with insurance later.

It should be clarified that it is possible to ensure financed cars. But in any case, when hiring, it is essential to pay attention to all the information provided.

If you use outdated data, such as an address, or misspell something, you may have problems later in triggering the insurance.

Beware of the inspection.

Finally, one of the car insurance tips that cannot be missed is to pay attention to the inspection. Generally, this process can take more time when hiring and, therefore, it is worth being well informed about it.

When the insurance is renewed or if your car is 0 km, it can be waived. There is also the possibility of an online inspection.

In order to do so, the insurance company sends a link to the customers in some cases, where information is filled in, and photos of the vehicle’s conditions are sent.

Premium or deductible: what’s the difference? 

When we talk about premium, we refer to the amount paid by the insurance. Let’s assume that, throughout the year, your insurance is, for example, R$ 1,200.00. Paying in cash or in installments is the amount you will have to pay to be entitled to protection.

The deductible is the amount stipulated in the policy that you pay to repair the vehicle in the event of a partial loss.

By choosing a higher deductible type, the premium will likely be cheaper. That means you will pay less for your insurance. 

However, if there is a crash and you need to trigger damage coverage, you will have to shell out a larger amount to fix it.

Also, what should I know about auto insurance? 

In addition to knowing these car insurance tips, it is also important to unravel some myths and truths about the subject.

One of the statements made is that if the car is older, the insurance is more expensive. This usually happens; after all, it is even more difficult to find spare parts.

On the other hand, the idea that goods inside the car or personal objects, such as watches and cameras, will be reimbursed is wrong. The ideal is always to avoid leaving belongings in the vehicle. After all, the insurance will only cover the car.

Did you like to know about these car insurance tips? How about starting to Estimator yours right now and not run out of this protection?