5 Ways To Style A Black Denim Jacket

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Denim jackets in blue have been worn and even over worn for decades now. Fashion is now switching to other trends like black denim and distressed jackets. For men, denim jackets are a God-send as they provide so multiple ways to build an outfit. 

You can even throw on black denim over a basic white tee and black jeans duo for an attractive appeal. Make sure that you do not go for glossy or digital printed shirts underneath your black denim as it will overwhelm the look. 

Additionally, black denim can not be styled similar to a blue denim jacket, so make sure that you know the differences. Avoid buttoning up your jacket and always use it as the top layer when layering. 

Styling Option For A Black Denim Jacket:

Here are some outfit ideas that will help you create a chic and stylish look with a black denim jacket. 

  • With Blue Jeans:

The trick with denim over denim is to balance the outfit with the right tones. Black denim looks great on top of blue jeans. The colour contrast generates great balance and prevents your look from looking over drowned with black. 

Pick denim jeans in light blue, indigo, navy or other tones of blue to go with your black jacket. You can spice things up by opting for a distressed black denim jacket instead of a basic one. Make sure that the colour of your shoes matches the under shirt, so the outfit dynamics are steady.

  • With Joggers:

Athleisure is not perceived as the most suited trend in the denim world, but you can still incorporate this idea if you feel like you can carry it confidently. A black jacket is not sportswear, but it can be used as an element to balance the soft appearance of your joggers. Pair up the duo with a basic white tee and a long silver chain for accessorising. We ensure that the overall look will be surprisingly captivating and appealing.

  • With Trousers:

You may need to put in some extra thought when styling a casual jacket like denim with a pair of trousers. Skip the tailored trousers, as they will not create the kind of balance you want to achieve in this outfit. Instead, a pair of nicely fitted, smart trousers in darker colours should be your preferred choice. Do not stray from the colour scheme and opt for black on black for a classic and chic appearance. 

  • With Flannel:

This may sound unmatched, but the combination of a flannel (check shirt) and denim jacket is quite desirable. Find neutral tones in darker shades like red, blue or turquoise green for the under shirt. Button it up completely, or leave the first few buttons open for a laid back look. If you are aiming for a less sloppy look, follow the former approach. 

  • White Tee Shirt:

The classic way to wear any denim jacket is with a white tee shirt. You can opt for a plain one or play with your fashion by trying out not-to-tacky front patterns in black. Additionally, the neutral effect of a white tee shirt will allow you to incorporate accessories into your outfit. You can go for a crisp look or add street-style elements to bring out your funky personality. 

Here are the five best ways to style a black denim jacket. The versatility of this clothing article will let you experiment with your outfits. So get a denim jacket today to expand your styling options. If you are looking for a good quality Blue distressed denim jacket, check out Noir LDN’s web page.