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5 Ways to choose PVC laminates

Everything, from doors and wardrobes to cabinets and kitchen units, counts when upgrading the feel of a home. Each of them has to have a set colour combination, design, pattern, and finish to add elegance to the home décor. Also, there is a dire need for the right choice of surfacing material, such as PVC laminates.

Durable and aesthetic, these laminate sheets promise a smooth, detailed finish that runs parallel to the trends and lasts long. No other surfacing material can give as many colours, textures, patterns, designs, styles, and finishes as PVC laminates. Besides this evident attribute, laminate sheets are the most versatile material available in the market. You can install them on wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, doors, and furniture for exclusivity and extravagance. If blended creatively, playing around colours, textures, and shades, they will create a stunning visual effect.

PVC laminates are fast taking over the need for wood, metal, stone, or anything used for surfacing. While unbeaten prices and easy installation take the credit here, another plus is they are impervious to moisture, heat, water, termite, and corrosion. Antibacterial, too, laminate sheets ensure healthy living. They do not harm the environment either. These properties together make PVC laminates a perfect choice for surfacing anything, from modular kitchen units and cabinets to wardrobes and furniture. But when hitting the market to make a purchase, picking the best of the lot makes it all overwhelming. Here are five ways to help you choose the best PVC laminates, no matter what you may need them for— wardrobes, doors, or kitchens.

  1. Opt for the best laminate brand

Nothing or none is the best other than what or who serves the best. The hunt for the best laminate brand will meet an end if a little bit of research work and creative perceptions are there. Go, hurry up! But first, explore the ultimate collection of Royale Touche laminates. Why? If you ask the same, you have a valid question hovering.

Royale Touche gives you access to 600+ designs, 40+ realistic textures, and one new design every four days. With over 40 years of excellence in manufacturing premium quality laminate sheets, we have gained the reputation of India’s best laminate brand. Royale Touche PVC laminates are matchless in quality, durability, shine, and style.

  1. Be a little creative to find the best textures and colour combinations

When planning to revamp your home décor, you have plenty of colour, texture, and design choices available. Determining what best fits your interior design and creative vision is of great importance. The job may be tricky if you are a first-time buyer. So, early deciding what colours and textures would complement your interior design is a way to move forward in this direction. For more help, consider the following:

  • If you want a sleek & modern look, metal finish or high gloss PVC laminates are ideal choices for your kitchen unit or anything that needs renewal.
  • Contrary to this, the matte finish PVC laminatesinstil a moderate sheen and are perfect for a soothing ambiance. Remember that the former is more expensive than the latter.
  1. Measure the surfacing area carefully

Laminate sheets, as we know, are easy to install and maintain; they do not require much labour and installation costs either. Flexible and easy to install on any surface, PVC laminates can bend at a 90-degree angle. Unlike other surfacing materials that require electric cutters to fit in different shapes during installation and often result in considerable wastage, laminates make the most of every inch purchased. Nevertheless, being a little miser in buying only as much as required is commendable.

Measure the surfacing area carefully to avoid any potential waste. Calculations here can save you a bit on what the project would otherwise cost.

  1. Compare prices

You have to be a tough negotiator to crack the best deal. This rule applies to laminate purchases as well. Compare the prices lest you should find a better bargain later after the need is over.

But then, prices are not the only parameter to tag something with the best. You had better compare the prices of the same category or family. And lastly, finalize the one that fits your estimated budget and adds grace to home decor. Royale Touche PCV laminates will not leave you disappointed as they are available at highly competitive prices.

  1. Check out the quality

When choosing PVC laminates, you cannot compromise with the quality, no matter what you want to revamp. If you need laminates to be less prone to scratches, go with the textured ones. But remember that they are not easy to clean. And for your kitchen unit, try searching for laminates that come with antibacterial and heat-resistant properties.

Also, check if the laminates you choose are durable and up to the trends. Having these considerations into account would certainly help you find the best PVC laminates in the market Read More

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