5 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Precious 10K Gold Wedding Band for Decades


Wedding bands have been one of the most important parts of jewelry for decades, and they still make the most preferred item for occasional and daily wear. These bands are not only associated with jewelry but also have an important place in culture and tradition. It is a symbol of love and bond between the couple.

Now, since a wedding band is something that you’ll wear for years, you need to ensure proper care for it. That’s why priority should be given to taking proper care of these wedding bands.

Here are some do’s and don’ts that one should consider taking care of the 10k gold wedding band.

  1. Insurance

When you are purchasing an expensive product, just like a gold wedding band, making an investment in insurance will keep the band safe from damage, theft or loss.

Availing insurance will also have your jewelry appraised every five years because the price of gold and other metals goes up. Your insurance will make sure that you don’t lose money while regaining the latest cost of the band.

  1. Don’t touch the center stone

The center stone of the ring is usually a diamond, gemstone or even two to three precious stones. If you want to keep these stones safe, then avoid touching it at all costs. Touching the stones at all times can loosen it from the band, and without your attention, it can even fall somewhere. While putting the band on, make sure you hold the band and not the center stones.

  1. Don’t remove your bandwhen you are out

Most people have the habit of removing it and showing it to others while in a public place, but you should never make this mistake. Even if you need to wash your hands at a public function, don’t remove the band, as there is a high chance that you’ll drop it in the sink or drain.

  1. Clean and polish

No matter how carefully you keep your 10k wedding bandyour band will still get scratches, and its color might be fed with time. However, the 10k gold wedding band can be easily cleaned and polished. To clean the band, use a soft soap or even a chemical free cleaning solution and clean it with a microfiber cloth.

After you clean the band, wash it with lukewarm water before polishing it. Avoid using a brush, paper towel, tissue, toothpaste, or baking soda to clean the band. Cleaning and polishing the band will maintain its charm all the time.

  1. Wearing and storing

You should never wear your wedding band while in a shower or while in a swimming pool. Gold is a soft metal, so it can get scratched and even damaged easily. Therefore it is advised not to wear your gold band during any activities or even play sports.

When it comes to storing, make sure you store your gold band in a cool and dry place free from chemicals.

Follow these steps properly, and you’ll always have shine and luster in your wedding band.