5 Small Home Office Setup Ideas For A Better Work-From-Home Experience


A lot of people work from home these days, and having a space that allows them to focus on and complete their tasks with zero or minimal distractions is quite important. If you are one of them and aren’t sure how you can create a work-friendly area in your own home, below are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Choosing a spot

Not everyone has an extra room at home that can be transformed into a home office. For many people, makeshift spaces are the only option. If you live in a tiny studio or one-bedroom apartment, a closet or corner might be the best available alternative. A bedroom closet or a corner of your kitchen or living room can be your potential home office. Just clear out that spot to accommodate a desk and a chair. You might also have to move around some of your other furniture.

  1. Deciding on lighting

Natural light is good for concentration, alertness, and productivity, so pick a home office spot that receives plenty of it. It can be near a window or a balcony if you have one. However, if your chosen home office space is your closet or some area with no windows adjacent, you should focus on getting the right kinds of lighting fixtures. Usually, incandescent, and fluorescent lighting is used to illuminate offices. For your home office, you might want to stick with only fluorescent sources as they give off a softer light, which is suitable if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

  1. Picking furniture

Any home office setup needs a desk and a chair. But because you have limited space, you cannot buy any item that first catches your attention. You will have to cross that long and heavy wooden desk or high and wide leather executive chair off your list for now.  For your small home office space, you need to carefully consider the sizes so that everything fits just right.

  1. Accessorizing

You can make it a bit more fun to work at home if you decorate your home office. You can add character and personality to it by getting a rug, plant, and other personal items. When it comes to rugs, whether you pick a wool rug, cotton rug, or tuft rug, you can bring your home office space together. You can shop online for some nice ones or make one on your own, such as by buying a rug tufting kit, if you are into arts and crafts. Furthermore, when it comes to indoor plants, even just a small one on the floor or your desk can make a huge difference. Also, personal effects, such as photo frames, figurines, and plushies, can help make the spot more cozy and comfortable.

  1. Soundproofing

One of the most common problems when working from home is noise. Therefore, you should close the doors and windows where a lot of these distracting sounds can come in. You should also get a quality rug, such as a wool, cotton, or tuft rug, or even make one your own by getting a rug tufting kit, to reduce these noises.