5 Reasons To Install Caretron – Distribution Boards

indoasian DB Panel
indoasian DB Panel

Electricity is by far the essential thing in this world today. Electricity determines the wealth, economy, and structure of the world. So by this electrical components plays an important role in our daily life. Therefore, we should know the components of electrical supply systems because they may come in handy at any time.

One of the essential components of the electricity supply system is DB Panels ( Caretron). Today we will tell you the five most important reasons that why you should install DB Panels. But first, you should know about DB Panels.

What Are DB Panels?

A DB Panel, also called panelboard, electric panel, and DB Box, is the most important part of the electricity supply and divide system. It divides all the power of one unit into subsidiary paths while providing protection. DB Panel protects the form of a fuse for every circuit. 

Components Of DB Panels?

The DB Panel in common has these components. Main Circuit Breaker, Miniature Circuit Breaker, Residual Current Circuit breaker, Molded Case Circuit Breaker, Isolators, Busbars, and Switches. 

Types Of DB Panels 

  • Main Breaker Panel 
  • Main Lug Panel
  • Sub-Panel 
  • Transfer Switches

5 Reasons To Install Caretron-DB Panels 

This device plays a huge role in your house as well as offices or buildings. Therefore, DB Panels should be a part of every house and building. Here we will show you why you should install DB Panels in your homes and buildings? 

1. No Occurrence Of Rust 

The outer cover of DB Panels is made up of the best stainless alloys, which help to stand harsh conditions and don’t gather up rust. As a result, the durability is good, and it kept functioning for years.  

2. Powder Coating 

DB Panels have the best coating of dry powders rather than the liquid paint that is of no use. The electrostatic process makes the coating, and it spreads like a skin-like coating on the panel. This powder coating helps the DB Panels always to stay new and look new as well.

3. Large Space For Wiring

It gets challenging to the wire when there is not enough space. DB Panels have a lot of ample space to help you with that problem. The space is provided vertically as well as horizontally, so you should not feel worried while wiring. 

4. Glass Protected  

The outer cover of the DB Panels is made up of glass to protect the MCBs and the wires inside. The glass also gives a neat outlook and doesn’t disturb the house’s aesthetic. Glass is waterproof, so it prevents other hazards.

5. Tripping Problems

DB Panels also help to overcome the problems of tripping. It makes sure that MCBs don’t get messed up and get tripped. This problem is faced by many in the start. 

In this article, you have been given information about DB Panels and why you should install DB Panels? If you want to know more about that, then you should visit IndoAsian, a trusted brand.