5 Popular Benchtop Materials For Your Dream Kitchen

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The benchtops in your kitchen serve as its focal point, so be sure they are professionally created from long-lasting materials. There is a wide range of materials available for kitchen makeover, and among them, you can choose the right material for your kitchen.

So before choosing material, discover all those types of material, so that you can add them to your kitchen and elevate your space. The popular material options available for your dream kitchen are:

1. Engineered Stone

It is more advantageous than natural stone as these are durable, hardwearing, and require less to no maintenance. You will find a variety of stones available in colours, stone material, design and more with an artistic finish.

To clean the stone, use an approved stone cleaner, so that you can have it professionally. The cost of material is similar to other stones and also depends on the style you choose for your kitchen.

2. Granite Stone

It is the perfect product for bench tops, as it is simply stunning and adds value to your kitchen. Granite provides an elegant look to your kitchen, along with a beautiful colour. This product comes in a variety of styles, colours, and materials.

Because this granite is expensive, you must plan a budget while kitchen makeover to have them in your space. This stone is durable as it is difficult to scratch the porous surface and needs to be sealed with effective resistance, which has to be repeated so often.

3. Laminate Material

These have come a long way in the past few years and are an affordable and durable solution for your kitchen. Available in a range of colours, styles, designs, materials, and many more options This material is made up of layers of paper over chipboard, plywood, MDF, and a clear layer of melamine.

Also, imitate the material like wood, stone, concrete, concrete and more to offer the perfect balance of beauty and practicality. Laminate is stain-resistant, and almost anything can be cleaned off. Avoid dropping something on it, as if the melamine layer is broken, water can seep underneath and cause swelling.

4. Timber Stone

If you are using stainless steel, this is the perfect material for your kitchen, as it is prone to scratches and scorch marks that can be repaired by sanding back and refinishing with oil or polyurethane. Whether you have a traditional or modern kitchen, they go with both as they have a unique appearance.

Regular maintenance is required to preserve the beauty and extend the life and age of the stone.

5. Solid Surface

This is made up of acrylic resin and an alumina bench top, which can also be crafted seamlessly as per your needs for the bench top. Solid surfaces are easy to clean, and any kind of stain can be easily removed. Also, these are UV resistant, so they go well with outdoor kitchens. Professionals can repair major damage to give your stone new life.

By using a solid surface in your kitchen, you may accomplish long runs of bench tops and can easily eliminate grime stains by having this material.

Piece Of Advice

While doing a kitchen makeover, you will come across a wide variety of benchtop products. Make sure the material you choose for the kitchen matches your kitchen interior, style, and budget. After proper research and consultation with the expert, decide on the material.

Customizable benchtops that fit your unique space will elevate your space as well as your kitchen.