Five factors to consider before installing a new air conditioner in toronto


Before installing a new air conditioner. At least five criteria should consider. An air conditioner typically lasts ten years. If the cost of repairs or energy is considerable and your air conditioner is older than eight years. Now is the time to consider replacing it. The worst thing to do is to wait until it dies. You don’t want to discover how challenging breathing may without it. According to a Consumer Reports article is to hire the most qualified air conditioner installation. It is impossible to overstate the importance of a properly installed system.

Efficiency in energy. First

With the help of contemporary air conditioning systems. You may reduce your cooling expenditures by up to 60%. When you consider that most energy costs for homes and businesses are used to cover cooling costs. That becomes extremely crucial. The seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER) of the machinery used to create more recent versions is at least 14. The older units’ SEER rating. Even if they’ve just been in use for five years. Roughly nine. Higher values represent more energy efficiency and savings.


In general. Older air conditioners require more maintenance and repairs. Which is more expensive. They frequently have expired warranties. Increasing the price of part replacement. Despite the possibility of extended warranties. There might not an easy way to get replacement parts. Next. What?

Get the most out of your investment by properly installing your new unit. Choosing the best Toronto air conditioner installation contractor is the first step in achieving air conditioning efficiency. According to a Consumer Reports article from 2003. The significance of a system that has been installed properly cannot overstated.

Environmental awareness

The ecology will benefit from the elimination of R22 Freon. A contributing component to the ozone hole is R22’s huffs. ODP (ozone deletion potential) is not present in the more current R410A coolant.

Smaller equipment is increasingly used to manage large cooling activities. This will result in less waste once the unit is finished. Many contemporary air conditioners may easily be disassembled for cleaning due to their modular nature. Maintenance. Also fix. It will take less time. Therefore, resulting in lower labor costs.

The simplicity of the most recent air conditioning

The newest air conditioning units’ simplicity in disassembly makes recycling preparation quick and easy. A few contemporary air conditioners. Nearly 85% of the components are completely recyclable. Even some are washable. Long-lasting reusable filters. The best AC installation In Toronto for their family’s health and happiness.

Freon 4. R22.

Up until 2020. It will only produce in a small number of units. As time passes. It should grow harder to find supplies as demand rises. After that. No more will made and production will stop. Once it runs out. The supply of R22 Freon will completely go.

R12 Freon was phased out at that time.

R12 Freon was phased out at that time. Stuff rose to roughly $75 for a pound of stuff. Do you know that the average air conditioner weighs about 12 pounds? In the future. R410A will the only coolant utilized in air conditioners. It makes no sense to spend a lot of money replacing Freon that will soon become extinct. A new air conditioner can buy with the money. It will result in energy savings and pay for itself.

Quality of Indoor Air

The problem is not just with outdoor air pollution. Chemicals. Radon. A mound. And smoke. Indoor air quality can be harmed by several things. Poor indoor air quality has been proven to a very real and serious health concern. The best Toronto contractor for installing air conditioners. The significance of a system that has been installed properly cannot overstated.

Optimal performance from your new gadget

To make the most of your new device’s performance. Installation must do correctly. An article from Consumer Reports from 2003 should serve as a reminder to everyone that selecting the right air conditioning contractor is the first step to achieving air conditioning efficiency. How important is installation?

Maintain your composure while taking in cleaner air. Better health. Likewise substantial energy savings. To set up the installation of your professional air conditioner. Contact us. Put our replacement air conditioner experts’ expertise to work for you. Visit Cambridge Heating and Cooling at 416-750-4363 or online at  for more details on this subject.