5 Best Part Time Jobs In USA


We all know how expensive university is, not just for the tuition fees but also for housing and other living expenses. The same applies to international students living in the USA. This is why choosing an institution and choosing a course should be your top priority when planning to study abroad. However, you should also plan a financial strategy.


Part-time work is a great way to meet new people, build valuable skills, and improve your resume. Part-time work doesn’t necessarily have to mean low wages or a desi job that isn’t worth your time. Many part-time and desi jobs pay well and provide fulfilling work.


These are the top-ranked careers in the U.S. best Jobs rankings and offer opportunities for part-time employees. These occupations can also be full-time and require some education or expertise. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides hourly wage data. 


Campus Ambassador


The university’s campus ambassadors promote the university to prospective students and show them why they should apply. This job is for those who enjoy working with others and working as a team. On open days, you may be asked to lead guided tours of campus. You can also share your knowledge about the university. 



Receptionists at universities may be responsible for general office support, administration, customer service, and communication with staff and students via email and phone.


You should check with your career service to see if there are any openings on campus for part-time receptionist work. There may be opportunities in larger departments, student unions, and other key buildings.


Sales Assistant 


This is a great way to earn money while you are studying at university. Many universities have shops that sell branded merchandise and clothing, which is another source of part-time employment for international students.



A university cafe can be a great place for students to meet. You will not only get discounted or even free coffee but you will also get to meet new people at this place. Your days will be hectic and many tasks will be added to your list like making hot and cold beverages, serving customers, and being a cashier.


Library Assistant

A library assistant job is an interesting and varied job that allows you to work in the USA while studying. As a library assistant, you will help customers locate books and make recommendations for useful books.


Additionally, you will be expected to support the librarians in their administrative duties and to help organise events at the library during term.


Final Words 

It can be difficult to find a part time job as an international student in America. However, luckily most universities offer many opportunities on campus, including part-time and internship work. You can contact your student union or career service for any help or information.