Bulk SMS company in Delhi


Static King offers Bulk SMS Services to small, medium or large company. Bulk SMS is one of the easiest way for transferring any information to a large number of people within the bit of time. Bulk SMS is generally used as a marketing strategy by businesses for conveying their dispatches similar as sale reports, special offers, abatements, and gifts to precious guests. Bulk SMS is a quick and largely effective process and is getting popular among all kind of businesses. With the help of ultramodern technology and competitive terrain, our SMS services will offer your company a chance to stand out from the usual circulars marketing and announcements similar as in journals in a less precious and more effective way. It’s a good source of spreading a word about you and your company to your implicit guests.


As a well- reputed Bulk SMS company in Delhi, We give a dependable and simple result for bulk textbook messaging with all the rearmost features similar as delivery reports, dynamic dispatches, online panel, according to businesses of all size at reasonable price.


Our charge is To deliver client satisfaction through quality of service, timely support with great care and love. And our vision is to be a leading Bulk SMS Service provider in delhi, We give cost effective and dependable SMS results to individualities as well as commercial houses. We offer completely functional online platform where guests can shoot unlimited SMS by using our technical online tools. Our Bulk SMS platform is completely scalable for all kind of organizations with varied requirements.

Various types of industriousness need to shoot Bulk SMS for various reasons. Whether it’s about the new product launch or an announcement, bulk messaging is ideal for all. Bulk SMS Service in which Promotional SMS & Transactional SMS with the installation of transferring Transactional SMS in DND & NON- DND, Promotional SMS in DND NON-DND pledges for the instant delivery & cheapest pricing. You can handpick the packages according to your particular demand.

Our services are ideal for customer relationship operation, marketing campaigns, supereminent targeting, automated checks, transferring OTPs and transactional information, operation and web formulators and anyone who wants to use the facility of bulk SMS to market themselves, their ideas or their business. we provide a bunch of services for variety of various use cases, please scroll down or communicate us to seek out more!


SMS has the topmost rate of commerce in any mass communication media! 95 of dispatches are opened in lower than 5 beats, making it an ideal candidate for communicating instant dispatches to make your business feel more intimate and professional.

SMS are among the foremost successful marketing and sales tools. And why so? Well, because messages have an open rate of 98% which too inside 3 minutes. Despite there being variety of promoting tools, none of them is as powerful as bulk SMS provider in delhi. in a very nutshell, to cut back the gap between a business and its customers, going the old-fashioned way of sending messages is unbeatable. A plethora of smart businesses from variety of industries are earning immense benefits and expansion by using bulk SMS to push their products & services and convince the purchasers to require the specified action.


No matter if a business is little or big, irrespective of if it belongs to a typical industry-type or an industry that’s leading, to send large quantities of messages, bulk SMS provider Punjab is that the reliable solution. By building relationships that pull scalable results, it strengthens the bond between customers and businesses, making them benefit one another. From businesses to educational institutions to brick & mortar stores and hotels, every sector contains a lot of scope by utilizing the ability of sending bulk SMS. Moreover, when there are too many service providers available, finding the proper bulk SMS provider Punjab isn’t any struggle.


With all the effective strategies, we meet to achieve your targeted pretensions. to form a control, induce leads and switch them up to your implicit guests, we serve with the foremost effective marketing tool India.e, Online Bulk SMS Service. This service features a global presence to push the service, brand and products.