4 Unique Places to Visit in the Netherlands

Best place to visit in Netherlands

The Netherlands is home to breathtaking windmills, canals, gardens, and picturesque villages. It is among the seven wonders of the contemporary world. Moreover, several museums and historical sites exhibit the fascinating history and rich heritage of artists like Van Gogh. Tourists can also explore other landmarks, including a popular national park of 13800 acres and a tide control system. In short, it is a paradise for explorers and backpackers. Free bikes are available; you can rent them to explore the area and catch magical views.

With the list of unique places to visit in the Netherlands, you can have the best time of the year.

Jordaan and Amsterdam’s Canal, The Netherlands

Nothing can beat the fun of moving towards the waterways when it comes to sightseeing. These canals resemble the display of Venice city and give some everlasting memories for visitors. The best part is to explore the sights on a boat or water taxi, including museums and art galleries. Moreover, Jordaan is a neighborhood dating back to the early 1600s, attracting immigrants and house workers.

Besides, Grachtengordel is another famous landmark featuring small bridges and quaint 17th-century homes. Also, tourists can see the 400 years old streets famous for classic architecture, small boutique shops, gardens, and cafes. While you may be looking for vacation deals, book Delta Airlines Booking on the official site or app.

Historic Binnenhof, The Hague

Historic Binnenhof is a major political center and a famous tourist attraction of the Netherlands. Moreover, it is where the government and other authorities perform their work. One can also find the apartment of the Dutch Royal Family in Noordeinde Palace. If you want to know about the country’s world-famous history, then you must pay a visit to the site. You will be happy to discover the city’s old part.

The building is set around a central courtyard. Moreover, the impressive older buildings were once the ruling classes and have been well preserved to date. Another highlight is the Gothic Hall; its wood ceiling and glass windows look attractive.

Royal Delft, The Netherlands

Royal Delft sits between the cities of the Hague and Rotterdam. Moreover, the blue and white porcelain products are attractive to the entire world. Delftware has been famous for its decorated shelves and beautiful dining rooms since the 1600s. Today, it remains as popular and fascinating as in the past years.

The authentic manufacturer, Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles N.V., has been here since 1653; it gave a unique experience to the public. Many informative tours of the factory are available. Moreover, you can see the hand printing skills of the creative artists and the collection of Delftware. In the afternoon, get a cup of tea on-site and cherish the informative yet fun tour.


Can you imagine being surrounded by beautiful and colorful tulips, the country’s most renowned flower? Well, it looks like you are in a movie frame, and everything seems so fresh and eternal around you. It only takes 45 minutes to drive to reach the heavenly place. Otherwise, hop on public transport and it will be a fun and easy day trip from Amsterdam.

It is also popular with another name, the Garden of Europe, and lies on the periphery of Lisse. Moreover, the largest public garden covers around 70 acres of land, which once used to be the former kitchen. There are more than 700 varieties of tulips, growing at heights between April and May.

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