4 Main Benefits of a Cherry Picker for Various Businesses



Life is made so much easier if you use the right tools and equipment to get things done. Fortunately, man has made some wonderful and useful inventions to make your daily grind just that more simple. Whether you’re dealing with a passionate hobby or needing to excel at work, the right machinery can probably get your job done in much less time than before.

With regards to landscaping, you’ll need an excavator – either big or small – to do all your groundwork. Or, if you’re in construction, you’ll need a bulldozer or crane to do all the heavy work. You probably need to use power tools to tackle any handyman task. Either way, regarding equipment hire Melbourne construction workers know to use the right equipment to get work done and build a good reputation. 

A cherry picker – otherwise called boom lifts – is one such machine that has great utility value, but tends to be underestimated. They’re useful in a range of tasks in both construction and general business operations.

Read further as we discuss some of the main benefits of this contraption.    

Building Purposes

Cherry pickers are meant to elevate you to places you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach. Whether you need to wash windows on tall buildings or paint walls at heights a ladder won’t reach, a cherry picker would do the job.

Additionally, even if a ladder can reach a certain height, it may not be nearly as useful as a cherry picker. This vehicle has the maneuverability, mobility, security and safety to do your painting or cleaning jobs with much less worry.

A ladder is stationary and unsecured. So workers have limited space to move in and there are risks of falling if you don’t use the proper equipment. With regards to construction, a cherry picker can serve as a reliable platform upon which workers can work at high places. This saves a lot of time, labour and money compared to setting up scaffolding structures. 

Using a cherry picker allows you – as a window cleaner, painter or worker – to safely and comfortably do your job, while being able to place your tools conveniently beside you. This is important, especially when you have to work in awkward spaces and along steep gradients.

Servicing Jobs

Another good use for this equipment is when you have to work at heights to service telephone towers, streetlights or electricity poles. It takes skill to fix electrical wiring so you need to easily and comfortably access the problem areas. Luckily, workers can climb on cherry pickers to ascend to those unconventional heights and then work in comfort. 

These vehicles are also compact, mobile and versatile enough that you can use them even if there’s traffic close by the poles you’re working on. 


Cherry pickers, as mentioned, are very mobile, so if your work includes multiple high places across a large area, they’ll easily be able to move around to these spots. These vehicles can be maneuvered so you can evade most obstacles, such as trees, street signs, traffic lights or other poles.

Moreover, cherry pickers also allow you to drive without first needing to descend. This saves a lot of time compared to setting up a ladder at each spot where you need to work at height. 

Ladders are also rather limited when it comes to the heights they can reach. Cherry pickers can reach heights of up to 60-metres, so they’re practical for working on the average building, pole or tower. Scaffolding structures can reach very high places, but again, they have to be assembled and disassembled. This results in a lot of time wastage when doing that repeatedly. 

Useful for Filming

Cherry pickers are very useful for filming live events, because they can elevate cameramen above all the crowds or anything else that can obstruct your view. Cameras placed on a well-situated cherry picker can capture swooping high-angle shots of a concert, live performance or sports event.

What makes these vehicles better for filming is that they can move while the camera is running, thereby capturing every aspect of the proceedings. They’re also cost-effective in terms of setting up, because it doesn’t take any manual labour to get a cherry picker ready.

This contraption merely offers a platform – that can be elevated to various heights – where a camera can be mounted on. This would give you a bird’s eye view of everything that is happening. 


Cherry pickers are there to assist you, in more ways than one. They’re obviously also very useful in tackling other tasks such as helping firemen do their jobs and actually picking fruits from tall trees. 

It can help you save time and money when doing tedious tasks at various heights. So, if you see an advert for cherry picker hire, don’t hesitate to consider it for your niche, whatever it may be.