4 Easy Ways To Cheat In Online Exams


Online exams and you are not cheating? That is absurd and impossible that you are not leveraging the remote examination mode where no one is keeping an eye on you – no physical invigilation. However, you used to cheat in the physical exams with invigilators on your head, what is stopping you now? Well, it is not as easy to cheat in online exams. Besides, you are too afraid of getting caught by the online exam proctoring software the educational institute is using to conduct online exams.

However, we all have witnessed how hard it was for educators to implement technology to make online classes effective and secure online exams. During that, many students exploited the online exams with do my exam services on the internet while others used to Google answers. At present, things have changed and educational institutes have successfully adapted technology to secure the academic integrity of the institute and students. Despite, there are many ways to cheat in online exams, you have to just explore them.

Let us dig deep into finding ways to exploit online exams and cheat to ace the.

  1. Do My Exam

Pretty sure you all are aware of the Do My Exam services on the internet and if not, let me give you a clear idea of how it works. Simply Google “online exam help” and multiple websites will pop up, offering to do exams on your behalf. Who does them? Competent professionals, highly graduated, either Ph.D. or Master’s graduate with years of experience in helping students with their online exams.

Anyway, get in touch with exam help UK and provide details of the exam and login credentials to take the online exam. Make sure you hire someone to do my online exam if the proctoring software has no face recognition feature. In case, the software has a biometric or face recognition system, you may need authentication technologies and gadgets to successfully execute impersonation. It is not daydreaming, it is students who would do anything to avoid failure in their life!

Note: Provide clear guidelines, instructions, and features of the remote proctoring tool for an effective impersonation in online exams.

  1. Conventional Cheating

Let us roll back into the traditional examination halls where most of you had cheating materials as formulae written on the palm of your hands, tiny micro notes in your shoes, and much more. Online exams have no one actually present in your face, students can easily flourish the old school ways of cheating. Just take care of your movements and judgments that stay undetected by the online exam proctoring tool. Yes, the AI is so powerful that it detects potential violations during online exams and sometimes even passes a false alarm.

  1. Big Brain And Investment

Are you the one who can do literally anything to avoid failure in exams? Then achieve the success, you deserve it. Be the anonymous hacker, be the cheater of the cheater with technology and tools. Get yourself the gadgets to cheat in hardcore online exam proctoring software and outsmart the smart AI.

Buy yourself a smartwatch that supports a Nano earpiece and microphone. Those who have it know what is the deal. Anyway, with the watch, you can easily get in touch and get external help from anyone you wish to.

Besides, you can use the projector to project the answers in front of you. Simply have someone answer the online exam via a projector screen. Moreover, the screen mirrors your screen to another device and asks the family to communicate the answers to you. Ensure that another device is in another room as some proctoring software can scan the entire room for potential misconduct during the exam.

  1. Treat The Proctor Tool With Its Own Medicine

Online exam proctoring software relies on the webcam of the student taking an online exam and with the help of AI, it identifies any violation. However, imagine feeding the proctoring tool with a fake video of the student comfortably doing the exam. No red flags will be sent to the invigilator.

You read it right, there is software that can intercept the video feeds with prerecorded sessions. Fool the proctoring tool with your fake video loop of doing an online exam. Make sure the prerecorded video of yours looks authentic, flourish your acting skills now.

Last Words

Not promoting cheating, students must honestly take online exams and maintain the integrity of academics. However, the harshness of the online learning system with so many distractions around them and the disinterest in education has provoked them to take online Exam Help UK. Besides, the traditional ways of teaching that continued to remote learning have stressed-out students to cheat in online exams and ace them without studying. The entire system has to change to prevent cheating and make online learning effective.