3 Top Direct Marketing Ideas To Use In 2022


Despite the fact direct mail marketing gets outshined by digital marketing channels, it still is a great and low-cost way to reach customers. Truth be told, some direct mail ideas are possibly more effective at connecting with both new audiences and existing customers. And apart from attracting new customers, a good direct mail campaign can allow for customer retention and acquisition. To give you the inspiration, the blog post presents the best direct marketing ideas in 2022, to drive your next campaign:

A Basic Postcard Can Do the Trick

An easy direct mail marketing idea is to send a postcard with bold colors, a pristine design, and a user-friendly call to action. Ensure to add contact information. If you run a brick-and-mortar shop, list your address. Perhaps a map to show your location and phone number, at the least. If you are online, put in a short URL made especially for the campaign, so you can track the response rate.

Even if your customers’ email inboxes are more cluttered than their physical mailboxes, all of us are still getting a lot of mail every day. To be sure your marketing materials stand apart from the others, try to use oversized mailers. A standard postcard is normally 4” x 6” and oversized postcards run 6” x 11”. The change in size can make a customer or more, take notice.

An easy way to design your own postcard without any graphic design skills is Canva. It’s a free, drag-and-drop graphic design tool that provides hundreds of postcard templates to design your postcard hassle-free. Use these postcard examples to customize your campaign.

Choose To Send Unusually Sized Mail

The same as an oversized postcard will draw readers’ attention, a piece of mail that a person doesn’t usually receive could spark interest. Go for launching a brochure direct mail campaign, opposed to the standard postcard. A brochure gives you additional room for adding information. You still would keep it clean and simple, so you don’t overwhelm your recipient with information overload. A great brochure example is for restaurants to send their menu, coupled with a coupon for first-time customers.

Use Short URLs or Promo Codes on All Direct Mailing

If your objective is to drive traffic to your website, you have to provide a URL for people to enter. Don’t try to use a long address or people may type it incorrectly and abandon, or just not bother. A promo code can easily track the success of your campaign. Throw in a landing page or pop up with a box for the promo code. It’s both easy for your new lead and for you.

A website builder like Wix has a free QR code tool that can help you make personal QR code images. Simply follow the instructions to add the page you want the QR code to point to. Subsequently, download the image to use on your printed materials.

To Conclude

The best direct marketing ideas are those that gel with your business and suit your marketing budget.