3 Best Inventory Management Software That Supports Invoicing


Inventory Management Software, or IMS, is becoming increasingly popular among various businesses. Irrespective of the size of the business, in which region it operates, or which industry it belongs to if it is a product-oriented business, one thing you can find familiar among them is the use of Inventory management software. 

Why is inventory management software relevant? Well, there are many reasons for that. First, if you own or operate a business that is product based, then you would be aware of how challenging and time-consuming the warehousing and inventory management operations are. You know the drill. 

Inventory management software is assistive in warehousing and inventory management operations. This feature-rich software has superb functionalities that make even the most complex inventory management operations look easy. 

Inventory management software is excellent, right? What’s even better is inventory management software that supports invoicing. As you know, many SaaS (Software as a service) exist for business management. Some are top performers in accounting, financial management, and invoice processing, while others focus on operational activities like inventory management. An inventory management software with invoicing is the absolute combination of both software. 

3 Best Software IMS Software With Invoicing

By now, you would be planning to integrate Inventory Management software with invoicing capabilities into your business. So what stops you from doing this? First, we know you didn’t know much about what software would suit your business regarding features offered, pricing, and other factors. This also has been taken care of; we would list the best and top-performing inventory management software with invoicing capabilities. So hold tight; we are going to get started. 

1. ZarMoney 

ZarMoney is one of the most prominent inventory management software with invoicing capabilities. ZarMoney has top-notch features in terms of inventory management. Let’s have a glance over them first. 

The warehouse management feature is one of the crucial features of ZarMoney for inventory management. As your stock and inventory are held at the warehouse, you should be sure about capitalizing your warehouse’s resources and optimizing its management. The features of warehouse management help you in doing both. For example, with the warehouse management feature, you can optimize the floor spacing of your warehouses so that more inventory can be stocked.  

Inventory management is also one of the top features offered by ZarMoney. This feature provides numerous useful information regarding inventory. This information includes inventory level, purchase history from suppliers, and shipped or sold good history. 

The list of super-rich inventory management-centric features goes on and on; let’s have a look at how additional features like invoicing are going to make sense. The invoicing feature helps you to create invoices for the customers as the products are being shipped to them; you can send invoices to them to receive immediate payments. 

The invoicing features bring feasibility for your customers to make payments. The easier payment options are for customers, the fast they pay. ZarMoney provides numerous payment options to your customers. These include debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, and countless other payment modes. 

2. Xero 

Xero is among the excellent software that empowers businesses with invoicing and inventory management features. As a result, Xero is a perfect fit for both small and large enterprises. 

The Xero inventory management features of Xero help businesses in the best ways possible. Firstly, the inventory management capabilities of Xero help businesses in inventory tracking. The inventory tracking feature allows your business to know where items, their price, and what’s status. This helps avoid inventory theft, misplacement, and pricing overvaluation or devaluation of a particular item. 

Another great feature of Xero’s inventory management is that it helps you know the hot-selling item. Hot-selling items are those products that are popular among shoppers. Knowing the hot-selling product of a business allows you to focus more on these products so your profitability could take a boost.  

The great part about Xero is that it provides quick updates on inventory items, like which items are shipped, arrived at the warehouse, ordered from the supplier, and ordered by the customers. This helps your business in invoice creation and billing. 

The invoicing feature of Xero is excellent; this feature helps your business create custom invoices for your customers. Additionally, recurring invoices and billings for regular customers and suppliers can be auto-generated. Auto-generated invoices help your business save time and boost operational efficiency. 

3. inFlow 

inFlow inventory management is among the A-list inventory management software. The inventory management features of inFlow are marvelous, and its invoicing capabilities are just fantastic. 

The list of functionalities that inFlow offers for inventory management are just impressive. Let’s have a look at a few. The inventory control functionality of inFlow helps you keep strict track of stock items. This is done by barcoding, making product categories, barcode generation for every product, and product photos. With inFlow, your inventory organization is at its best. 

inflow helps your business manage inventory and stock items, even in the most difficult of scenarios. For example, if your inventory items have their pricing in separate currencies, it could get challenging to perform costing, but this is not the case if you use inFlow. inFlow helps you manage and calculate costs even if inventory items have separate costs. 

The sales and invoicing feature of inFlow is beyond stunning. The best part of this feature is that it is easily integrable with online shopping platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and WooCommerce. In addition, the invoicing feature is excellent because quotes can quickly be sent to potential prospects. 

The selling and invoicing feature offered by inFlow helps your business manage sales, invoice creation, and customer returns. 


The list includes the most used and highly recommended inventory management software with invoicing features. This software has helped several businesses across various industries manage their inventories and invoice management. But when discussing the best inventory management software with invoicing capabilities, one has to take the lead. 

Best inventory management software should be your primary choice for inventory and invoice management. The software should be an affordable, easy-to-use, and feature-rich platform for your business. Only the best software can help your business achieve operational excellence.