3 Aspects of 5-Axis CNC Machining

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Precision machining is an in-demand feature that every large-scale metalworking industry is looking forward to. Being able to machine intricate parts with complete accuracy and at a fraction of the time required previously is a great benefit. The 5 axis CNC machine is one such thing that is helping companies meet these needs.

Instead of the traditional 3 axis cutters, these have 5 axes which can help in improving the speed and accuracy of the machining process. The machine can remove materials from five different regions at the same time. The different axis also helps rotate the turntable and ensure a better reach for every tool head into the complex crevices. The automobile and aerospace industry are implementing these machines in their manufacturing line to quicken the manufacturing process. The 5 axis devices also have all the tools mounted on the machine, reducing the human interaction required for the tooling process.

In this article, we will be learning about the benefits of having a 5 axes milling machine and how you can have access to one such machine for your needs.

Benefits of having a 5 Axis Machine:

Besides achieving high accuracy and precision, a 5 axis machine can also reduce the amount of human interaction required in machining. The workpiece has to be clamped into the vice just once, and the rotational feature will ensure that every side is machined properly. This is suitable for machining larger parts like automobile or airplane parts. Due to their improved precision have also found their way into the military and scientific research industry. Its ability to carve even the most complex parts helps it in reigning supreme over other CNC machines. Some of the prominent benefits of the 5 axis CNC milling machine is discussed below,

Precision Cutting – In 3 axis milling machines, the cutting quality deteriorates when the extreme edges of the workpiece are reached. The only way to solve this is to rotate the workpiece on those tight corners, which are only possible with the 5 axis machines. In addition, 5 axis rotation also provides the ability to tilt the rotary table, which helps in changing the angle of approach of the cutting tool more precisely.

Efficient Cutting due to Faster Cutting Times – As there is a lot less human interaction, the cutting time is reduced drastically. Most parts need to be machined from all sides, and having 5 axis system helps in effective production. Time-saving also comes with a lot of cost savings as you can complete more tasks simultaneously. A small amount of investment in buying a 5 axis machine pays back in a big way. The faster cutting time helps get rid of the horizontal ribs formed on the side of an angled surface while using a ball cutter. The 5 axis cutter works on the piece vertically, providing better utilization of all the available axes.

Improved Accuracy – Additional setups and human interactions lead to more errors and problems in the machining process. Complex setup processes are not required, so there is less attention needed during the cutting process, which also results in the longevity of the tools. In 3 axis machines, there are steps involved where you will have to realign the workpiece to a particular degree to work on the face, and it can lead to errors during repositioning.

Better Finish – Better reach ensures better surface finishes. The cutting parts can be brought much closer to the rotating tools, and the two extra axis helps with preventing too much vibration of the machine that leads to a smooth finish. Due to the presence of 5 axis, five different tool heads can be used, leading to smoother arcs and angles. In machines with lesser axis, complex setups are required for machining such parts.

High Production Efficiency – 5 axis machines are usually equipped with high precision spindle speeds which can be very accurately controlled. All this increases efficiency, and the process is often termed high-speed machining, which is gaining a lot of popularity in this current time. In addition, the turnaround time is reduced as there is a tool in front of every available face of the workpiece.

Lesser Competition – The 5 axis machines are the most advanced technology available for the metalworking industry. So not many competitors will have a 5 axis cutting machine. However, if your company has one, you will be ahead of the production time and quality competition.

Getting Started with a 5 Axis CNC Machine:

Many companies are currently manufacturing and selling 5 axis milling machines. The CNC machine comes with a console that is used to pre-program the cutting process using a G Code interface, and the movement of the tools is all determined in this step. However new 5 axis CNC for sale can come with a big price tag, and if you are not willing to take such a financial burden, it is wise to go into the reseller market and look for used industrial machinery for sale.

These can come at a reasonable price for your uses, but there are certain things that you have to be careful of while buying old machinery. These things include the machine’s records, the warranty and other related paperwork for the device, and the physical condition of the machine as well. Again, taking a professional’s advice is always better as he knows the market and can help you bag the best deals.


A 5 axis milling machine will provide you the accuracy and the precision that your products need. In addition, its ability to reach all the corners helps the resultant product to have a smooth and perfect finish. Since these machines are not yet adopted by many manufacturing companies having these at an early stage will give your business the much-needed edge over the existing competition.