20 Reasons Why Book Reviews Are Important for Authors

20 Reasons Why Book Reviews Are Important for Authors
20 Reasons Why Book Reviews Are Important for Authors

Has it ever happened to you that you have gone to a library and just picked a random book? No, right? You either pick a book that someone has recommended to you or you have heard a lot about it. Well! There is a term that is used for a phase “Heard a lot about it” and that word is “review”. In today’s time finding a book review of something has become easier than ever. There are reviews of movies, books, online sites, and so on.

Students buy Dissertation Proposal Example or other such writing services from online sites only after reading the reviews of the site. If the site has gotten good reviews then more customers put their trust in those sites. So; reviews are quite important not only for the buyers but also for the manufacturers/writers. This post will specifically highlight the importance of book reviews.

How to write a book review?

You must be wondering in times when we can hire professional Dissertation Writers, and academic writers for all sorts of academic work; why would one want to learn the way of writing a review? Well! book reviews are something that comes from the heart and there are no terms and conditions in them. Writing a review is as easy as giving an opinion but with a flow. One should only consider the following points while writing a book review;

  • Brief what the book is about in a few sentences.
  • Tell me what you liked in the book.
  • State the things that you disliked.
  • Give the rating in the form of stars.

Reasons why book reviews are important:

Clearly, around the globe, people spend a significant part of their day online. Of course, much of that time is dedicated to social media (dissertationwritinghelp.uk, 2022). So, writing and finding book reviews is not difficult anymore.  Book reviews are important not only for readers or potential buyers but are also quite crucial for writers/ authors. The following few points will explain why book reviews are so important specifically for the authors;

1. Gives a preview to the reader:

It is the book review that gives a brief of what the book is about. So; the reader will take the book if it is his genre of interest. This will benefit the author as well because the reader will buy the book based on the review.

2. Sets a standard of the book:

If the book manages to get good reviews then it will obviously set a good standard for the book and vice versa.

3. Provides recognition to the author:

Reviews of any kind give recognition to the writer. The good reviews give positive recognition and the bad ones give negative recognition but recognition is there.

4. Allows the readers to give their perspectives:

It is because of reviews that readers get to put their opinion across the world.

5. The author gets to know the view of people:

If the author wants to know the opinion of people towards his book then he must read the reviews.

6. Good reviews improve the sales of the book:

The more positive the review will be, the more will be the sales of the book.

7. Enables the author to engage with readers:

It is through the reviews that the author gets to engage with the readers by reading their points of view.

8. The author can learn from his mistakes:

The author can learn where he went wrong through the reviews given by readers or fellow writers.

9.     The author gets to know what readers want to read:

It is the book reviews through which the author would know what the readers prefer to read so he will work on his next book.

10. Saves the reader from wasting his money:

If the reader buys the book after reading the review then he would know what he is getting into so there is no chance of money getting wasted.

11. Takes the book to prominence:

It is the reviews that bring the book to the limelight because the more the thing is talked about, the more visibility it will get.

12. Saves time for the reader:

If the reader would know what the book is about then his time won’t be wasted reading something that he didn’t want to read.

13. Builds a brand and develops a profile:

Reviews give recognition to the author which helps in building a brand of his own, a profile that everybody will link the author with.

14. Good reviews take the author to the limelight:

The more compliments the book will get, the more will the author be glorified.

15. Works as a marketing strategy:

Reviews of every kind work as a great marketing strategy; be they good or bad ones. People relate much better when they can recognize brands or company names that are familiar (Kotler et al, 2018) and reviews bring that recognition to the book.

16. Helps the author in learning more about the field:

Reviews teach the author more about his field of writing.

17. Forms a bond with the critics/reviewers:

It is the reviews that make a kind of bond between a critic and the author.

18. Good reviews boost the confidence of the author:

The confidence of the author is boosted because of the good reviews.

19. It helps the readers in understanding the author’s writing style:

It is the review that briefs about the kind of tone or the writing style that the author uses the most so from then onwards that writing style is linked with the author.

20. It helps the readers in understanding the author’s genre:

The author is linked with his specific genre of writing because of the reviews by the readers or the critics. For example; if the author writes mostly mysterious books then he will be recognized with that genre specifically.


In today’s time finding book reviews is quite easy because there are a lot of platforms available to share your reviews. Hopefully; the above-mentioned post will help the readers in understanding the importance of book reviews for the author.


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