Backlinks kaufen
Backlinks kaufen

Creating links pointing back to your website is the most important thing in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But most of the people waste their time going on the wrong path which doesn’t bring them any effect to promote their website, blog, product…

I will only give 2 steps to build strong and quality backlinks for your SEO purposes.

The first thing you need to know is “what are backlinks? “:
It’s very simple, backlinks are the links that point to your website from another website. But the true backlink must not have rel=”no follow”. Most blogging platforms: WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, etc. include this by default. So we can’t comment on a thousand blogs and get #1 on Google.

Many webmasters don’t link to this part, so they dofollow the link to the comment to encourage people who visit their blog to comment. The links we want must be “dofollow” links. We need to find a “dofollow” blog to post a comment, not just any blog. Commenting on the “nofollow” blog will also get you some traffic, but it’s very bad. Save your time to find high rank “dofollow” blog and if our site rank high we will get great traffic from search engines.

The second thing you need to know: “What are quality backlinks? “:
Quality backlinks are backlinks from websites (not websites) that have a high pagerank. A lot of people make a big mistake when they try to comment or spam as many  Backlinks kaufen websites and blogs that have a high pagerank as possible. This doesn’t help you promote your business as the page you paste your link to needs to have a high Pagerank, only the domain itself.

To find a website’s Pagerank: Install the SEO Quake plugin for Firefox. It offers an SEO bar with various information about the websites we visit and also on the Google search results page. It also helps you identify which links are “nofollow” or “dofollow” without showing the source of the page.

After 2 basic knowledge we start building our backlink:

First step:
We need to find “dofollow” blogs that have high rankings. There are many “dofollow” directories and lists of this type. Some of them don’t give the right information, but we have SEO Quake to double-check them.

Try to select high pagerank blogs, as high pagerank blogs usually have high pagerank pages.

Second step:
– Find all pages of this blog from Google – Select the pages that rank high. Older posts usually have a higher Pagerank than newer ones. A page takes a lot of time and backlinks to rank high.

Go to this post, make a relevant comment, don’t spam or your comment will not be validated by the owner of this blog. If you enjoy commenting on the new post, you might be lucky if this post ranks high in the future. But we’re still working today, so try tomorrow.