15 Interior Paint Colours and Palettes in 2022

Interior Paint Colours

Having the interior areas of your house painted with a fresh coat of paint is an effective way to provide it with a more refreshed look. But aside from buying paints and hiring professional painters in Australia, you also need to choose the interior paint colour combination that blends well with your home’s current setup. 

If you’re searching for a gorgeous colour for your home interior, here are some of the best interior paint colours and palettes in 2022 that you should consider.

  • Pantone Very Peri

The Pantone Very Peri is also commonly referred to as the PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri. It is a vibrant shade of periwinkle known for blending the energy of red and soothing familiarity of the colour blue. Also, it comes with a warm, joyful hue that symbolises the transition of getting out of isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • October Mist 1945

The October Mist 1945 is a botanical shade that mimics a flower stem’s pale green hue. It is regarded as a dominant interior colour combination for 2022. The October Mist’s gentle tone looks best when used with rich and dark shades of Gloucester Sage HC-100. Master painters in Sydney will agree that this colour adds a crisp and warm look when used in your home’s interior areas.

  • Evergreen Fog

The Evergreen Fog is a great colour option if you wish to have an interior with a modern look. It exudes an aura that breaks away from the brilliant jewel tones and the cool neutrals that dominated the previous year’s colour trends. Evergreen Fog looks best when used with metal finishes (light gold and warm brass) or matte black. It can also provide added texture when paired with materials, such as rattan, jute, leather, and wood.

  • Black Hues

Black Hues don’t quickly get outdated. In fact, they are among the most highly recommended interior colours for the year 2022. Black Hues are always admired for their elegant look and decent aura. Also, they look great when paired with the other commonly used interior accents and setup.

  • Raccoon Fur

The Raccoon Fur comes with lovely blue undertones. It is proven to add character to cabinets commonly used in most homes. Raccoon Fur is also admired for being dramatic yet not so jarring.  

  • Bright Neutrals

Bright Neutrals remain a hit for 2022. They are usually resorted to by many owners and interior designers because of the great timeless character and depth they provide. These colours looked neutral when paired with dusty blush, warm woods, and rich lust velvet.

  • Feather Gray

Feather Gray provides the home’s interior with a sophisticated upgrade from its neutral personality. The colour also adds a lot of depth when used in a room. Feather Gray is expected to become a hit among homeowners who are not after dramatic interiors and prefer sophistication above all.

  • Faded Terracotta

The Faded Terracotta is regarded as a more spiced-up option than colours that promote calm neutrals’ interior prowess. This comes with a warm and earthy tone that works well when paired with other colours like sage green, deep browns, and lighter creams. 

  • Aqua Shades

The Aqua Shades are currently among the most requested interior colours for the first few months of 2022. These shades are admired for showing off sensuous botanical and bold appearance along with velvety rich textures. Also, they are commonly used in most homes because they are great in blending glam, modern, and historic simplicity. 

  • School House White

The School House White colour exudes a soft and off-white shade. This comes with a natural and grounded hue that pairs well with almost any other colour. Many interior designers love this colour because it evokes nostalgia for the old schoolhouses. Its timeless, muted, and comfortable shade also makes any room look satisfying.

  • Incarnadine

Incarnadine is warm, rich, and so comforting. This combines the signature beauty of traditional red and the leisurely Mediterranean’s beckoning spirit. A colour consultant will agree that this works perfectly with rustic gold touches and warm woodwork. This can also provide an edgy twist when paired with bright white shades.

  • Stone Blue

This is the warm and timeless blue named after the famous indigo pigment of the 18th century. When paired with other warm hues, Stone Blue is known to create a vintage and inviting look. Alternatively, this provides a more contemporary and cleaner feel when paired with a calmer tone. 

  • Gentle Olive

Gentle Olive features soft sage and subtle grey undertones. It is usually applied to furniture to highlight the wood’s natural beauty. This is also a popular colour used in shelving, cabinetry, and other decorative items. 

Furthermore, Gentle Olive is commonly associated with nature’s restorative qualities. It provides living areas, bedrooms, and kitchens with a soothing atmosphere.

  • Laurel Leaf

The Laurel Leaf comes with a dusty green shade that mimics the eucalyptus leaves’ rejuvenating appeal. It is known for reflecting the utmost desire to incorporate nature’s elements into a person’s home. Laurel Leaf also provides an organic feel and warmer undertones that make it a perfect pair of leafy house plants, creamy whites, light, medium wood tones, and cosy beiges. 

  • Aleutian

Aleutian projects a colour reminiscent of a pair of faded blue jeans and embodies the apparel’s comfort and relaxing feel. This matches well with a range of shades, such as dusty slate, off-white, or warm tan. 

In addition, Aleutian provides a balanced look along with a restful tone that can make any bedroom, bathroom, living rooms, or kitchen look perfectly fine and warm. This offers a more comforting vibe when paired with neutral textiles and natural wood tones.

These interior colours and palettes will certainly look great when used inside your home. However, when deciding about which colour to use, hiring a professional colour consultant remains your top option. This allows you to have a colour expert who can inspect your house, perform the appropriate assessment, and provide the best interior colour recommendation. Aside from that, having a reliable consultant enables you to develop an interior theme that incorporates your own style and preferences.