148 Positive Daily Affirmations for Women Who Need a Boost


Everyone has days when everything seems to go wrong. Maybe you’re stuck in traffic, your kids are driving you insane, or your work team is feuding. Perhaps nothing is wrong with your life, but you still feel off.

It can be difficult to know how to improve your mood when the cause is not obvious, but positive affirmations are a good place to start.

What Are Positive Daily Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are one-liners that you can use to remind yourself (or others) of what is important. They may appear absurd at first, but they are supported by science.

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“Affirmations are important because they help shape our feelings and behaviours.” According to neuropsychologist Alexander Burgemeester, “if you think positively about yourself, you’re more likely to feel empowered and optimistic—even in difficult situations.” “You’re also more likely to respect yourself, which leads to healthier boundaries, self-care, and decision-making skills.”

How Women Can Create Positive Daily Affirmations

Step 1: Make a list of areas in which you’d like to gain confidence or improve.
Focus on the area or areas where you want to feel stronger to help you decide what type of positive affirmation to use. Consider focusing on your self-worth if you feel you are overly concerned with pleasing others or if your confidence is low.

Step 2: Compose a sentence that expresses how you want to feel about those things or the mindset you want to adopt.
Create a phrase that embodies the mindset shift you want to achieve using a list like the one below. Try “I have a value” or “I am enough” for the self-worth example. That is your declaration.

Step 3: Write down that phrase and repeat it to yourself every day.
Make saying your daily affirmation a habit by scheduling it at specific times of day. And give your words more power by speaking them aloud or touching specific areas of your body while saying them. Concerning self-esteem. Put your hand on your heart and declare aloud, “I am valuable.”

Are you ready to begin creating your own affirmation? Use these 148 female affirmations to bring more positivity into your life.

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148 Positive Daily Affirmations for Women

Positive daily affirmations for women to inspire confidence

  1. “I am capable.”

  2. “I am intelligent.”

  3. “I am innovative.”

  4. “I am brave.”

  5. “I am confident.”

  6. “I stand up for myself.”

  7. “I can do hard things.”

  8. “I am in charge of my own identity.”

  9. “I have faith in myself.”

  10. “My ideas are powerful.”

  11. “I am allowed to change my mind.”

  12. “This is my time.”

  13. “I am articulate.”

  14. “I know myself.”

  15. “I am an independent person.”

  16. “I am good at many things.”

  17. “Anything is possible in my life.”

  18. “I have faith in my own abilities.”

  19. “I am qualified to be where I am.”

  20. “I make good decisions.”

  21. “I will stop apologizing for things I can’t control.”

    Positive daily affirmations for women to instill self-worth

    1. “I am good enough.”

    2. “I deserve joy.”

    3. “I am worthy of investing in myself.”

    4. “I deserve positivity.”

    5. “I am worthy of praise.”

    6. “I love myself.”

    7. “People like being around me.”

    8. “I have surpassed my own expectations in the past.”

    9. “I have innate value.”

    10. “My perspective matters.”

    11. “I respect myself.”

    12. “I have meaning.”

    13. “I am purposeful.”

    14. “I am unique.”

    15. “I am interesting.”

    16. “I am deliberate.”

    17. “I am intentional.”

    18. “I am wise.”

    19. “I am respected.”

    20. “I matter to the world.”

    21. “I am doing my best.”

    22. “I deserve support from those who are close to me.”

    23. “I am complete as I am.”

    24. “I am allowed to feel good.”

    Positive daily affirmations for women leaders

    1. “My leadership makes a difference.”

    2. “I inspire people.”

    3. “I am a role model to many.”

    4. “I will be remembered.”

    5. “I can make a positive change.”

    Positive daily affirmations for women to honor how far they’ve come

    1. “My past will never define me.”

    2. “I am breaking generational cycles.”

    3. “I am abandoning bad habits.”

    4. “I am proud of myself.”

    5. “I am advancing at my own pace.”

    6. “There are a million reasons to be proud of myself.”

    7. “My ancestors would be proud of me.”

    Positive daily affirmations for women to channel growth

    1. “Failure is not negative.”

    2. “I am ready to learn and grow.”

    3. “I know I can do this.”

    4. “Today I will take the first step.”

    5. “I am ambitious.”

    6. “I am better than I was yesterday.”

    7. “I enjoy learning.”

    8. “I am proud of the person I am becoming.”

    9. “I am my own biggest cheerleader.”

    10. “I am constantly learning.”

    11. “I am working hard to better myself.”

    12. “I am filled with focus.”

    13. “Every day is an opportunity for greatness.”

    14. “I allow myself to evolve.”

    15. “My dreams are coming true.”

    Positive daily affirmations for working moms

    1. “I am a good parent.”

    2. “I make a difference in my family’s life.”

    3. “My children will remember me as an amazing parent.”

    4. “People look up to me.”

    5. “I am a powerhouse.”

    6. “I am helping others to grow.”

    7. “I surpass expectations.”

    Positive daily affirmations for loving your whole self

    1. “I have a beautiful spirit.”

    2. “My sensitivity is beautiful.”

    3. “I am gracious.”

    4. “I am poised.”

    5. “I am dynamic.”

    6. “I am spontaneous.”

    7. “I will not change who I am for anyone else.”

    8. “I am allowed to feel my feelings.”

    9. “I do not have to be happy all the time.”

    10. “I love my body.”

    11. “My body is strong.”

    12. “I am not defined by beauty standards.”

    13. “I deserve to nourish my body.”

    14. “My body can do great things.”

    15. “People who matter in my life will not ask me to change my identity.”

    Positive daily affirmations for hard times

    1. “Nothing can break my spirit.”

    2. “These times are tough, but they won’t last forever.”

    3. “Negative feelings will pass.”

    4. “I am grateful for every day.”

    5. “I am conquering challenges in my life.”

    6. “I have come far in life.”

    7. “My fears are melting away.”

    8. “My future is bright.”

    9. “I forgive myself for my past mistakes.”

    10. “I will move forward from negativity.”

    11. “I have a lot to look forward to.”

    12. “I am rejecting negative energy.”

    13. “I choose to try to be happy today.”

    14. “I finish what matters and let go of what doesn’t.”

    15. “I have done my best today.”

    16. “Asking for help is a strength, and I am strong.”

    17. “There is something good in every day.”

    18. “I am not a failure.”

    Positive daily affirmations for women to see the meaning in  life

    1. “I am contributing to the world.”

    2. “I am making an impact.”

    3. “I am destined to do great things.”

    4. “I make a positive impact on my community.”

    5. “I make a difference in the world.”

    6. “I am proud of the impact I make.”

    Positive daily affirmations for women at work

    1. “I am prepared.”

    2. “People respect me at work.”

    3. “My work matters.”

    4. “My contributions matter at work.”

    5. “I am a collaborative thinker.”

    6. “I am a global thinker.”

    7. “I am successful.”

    8. “I have every quality I need to achieve success.”

    9. “I am reliable.”

    10. “People want to help me succeed.”

    Positive daily affirmations for women to keep grounded

    1. “I belong here.”

    2. “My kindness makes others’ lives better.”

    3. “I am honest.”

    4. “I am grateful for my life.”

    5. “There are many small things I’m grateful for.”

    6. “I know my own truth.”

    7. “I set boundaries for myself.”

    8. “I matter.”

    9. “I am complete as I am.”

    10. “I am kind.”

    11. “I am loved.”

    12. “My positivity is contagious.”

    13. “My life has meaning.”

    14. “My friends and family value me.”

    15. “My life is beautiful.”

    16. “I make people I meet feel seen.”

    17. “I am supported by people who love me.”

    18. “I am in charge of my own life.”

    19. “I am grateful for the life I have.”

    20. “I appreciate the little things in life.”