Can I Buy Physical Gold Bars?


The rarity, beauty, and preciousness have always contributed to the value of gold. Due to its monetary standards, it is equally important for private citizens and national economies. Gold can be purchased in different forms such as coins, nuggets, jewellery, and bars.

The coins, nuggets and jewellery are usually purchased due to its intrinsic beauty, whereas the purchase of bars is solely meant for the investment purpose. 100g gold bar

Physical gold is the best mean for protecting the core portion of the portfolio from any nonlinear and unforeseen event. It acts as a buffer for your portfolio. It bears a very crucial insurance position on your financial future.

It protects from nonlinearity, from sinister to geopolitical to weird. Moreover, it is always safe to own your resource in your own possession.

Gold is a very good mean of hedging against inflation and devaluation of currency. If you want to convert your money into a safer product, physical this metal bars are the best tangible option. The physical bars are produced and refined by the companies like Credit Suisse, Johnson, Monex, Kitco, Blanchard, Matthey and Engelhard.

The genuine this metal bar has the name of the manufacturer, composition and weight stamped on it. 1kg gold bar

Gold is a precious metal, so purchasing these metal bars will be the matter of investing a big amount. You need to take care of all the pros and cons of the deal, before taking any decision. If you opt to buy physical these metal bars, you must have an understanding of the volatile gold prices, seen over the past years.

The next important thing is the choice of the dealer. Always buy this metal bar from a certified, consistent and trustworthy dealer. You can purchase the gold bars from the gold market as well as through the internet.

Being a common man, you can identify and check the standard of the gold bar through the brand name of the goldsmith, gross weight in Troy ounces, purity percentage, and serial number of the bar. They are available with an average purity of 99.8 percent.

The gold bars are generally classified into two types. The classification is based on their respective manufacturing methods. Gold bars come in forms such as cast gold bars and minted gold bars. The cast gold bars are produced directly by transforming the molten gold into bars.

The casting process is followed by the essential gold markings. The other type of bars is produced by cutting the gold blanks. The cutting process is then followed by stamping of gold with the name, weight and purity, through minting press.

Apart from the benefits, there are some minor drawbacks related to the purchase of the physical gold bars. The foremost issue is the protection and storage of gold bars. In case of the larger gold bars, it has to be stored in the bonded vaults, exclusively available for the protecting gold commodities. Moreover, the problem can be solved by investing in small bars instead of the larger ones.