10 Reasons to Consider the IB Diploma


The International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma is a noteworthy credential for college applications and other purposes.

The program requires students to take up courses in six subjects and pass them. The student can take three to four of the subjects at the challenging “Higher” level, while the remaining subjects can be taken at the “Standard” level.

Here are ten reasons to consider an IB diploma in an International School in Japan for your child.

1.    A Continuum Program for Students

In the IB program in middle school, the kids are at a midpoint. They are in between establishing the fundamentals of education at an international school in Japan and preparing for university. 

The IB curriculum is designed individually for each grade level. This will enable the students to enrich their education without getting overwhelmed. It prepares the students for their future higher education and expands the academic and other skills learnt in the primary years of life.

2.     A Versatile Range of Subjects

Unlike standard programs, a diverse range of subjects is taught in the IB program for the IB diploma

Students in the IB program will become multilingual and knowledgeable in sciences as well as arts and athletics. However, unlike standard programs, diverse subjects are taught in conjunction with one another. It helps students who excel in one particular subject while struggling with others. The learning process makes the connection between subjects easier and helps the students have a better understanding.

Making connections between subjects makes learning easier for a student who, for example, excels in humanities but struggles with sciences.

3.     Teaches Ethical & Life Skills

This program teaches the kids life skills and life lessons at international schools in Japan that go beyond academics. Ethical decision making, open-mindedness, right action and citizenship are some of the basic core values learnt by the students.

They learn to grow into a cultural, caring and inspired youth and are motivated to contribute goodness into the world. 

4.     Prepares for Senior High School

The IB Continuum Program is designed for students from junior kindergarten to the end of high school. It makes their education a fluid journey from one stage to the next.

It prepares the students graduating from Grade 10 for the challenges they will face in the IB Diploma Program or Grades 11 and 12. It helps them gear up for the career path of their choosing. 

5.     Inculcates Confidence & Independence

The program teaches the confidence to build their life and career paths. It inspires the students to grow into young adults who aim for enthusiastic learning and higher achievements.

With the right encouragement and support from the faculty, they learn to build a better and brighter future for themselves and those around them. 

6.     Recognizes Academic Learning Skills

Rather than arbitrarily teaching a set curriculum, the IB program emphasizes effective learning. It teaches kids to practice good study habits, cultivate critical thinking skills and foster impedance and cooperation.

It encourages quick learners to think and find innovative and creative solutions to common problems. These skill-sets will help in the students’ college and university’s academic journey.

7.     Provides Unique Support to Students

One of the prominent focuses of the IB program is to support each student’s individual needs and wholly support them. Emphasis is laid on each student’s strengths and interests and how to help them refine them. This individual approach helps the students grow confident and realize their passion and goal in life. 

8.     Provide Opportunity to Grow Outside Academia

The IB program schools have smaller class sizes. This provides more attention and opportunities for each student. The students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular and cultural activities. It gives them more room to grow and shine as individuals, both inside and outside the classroom.

9.     Bigger Scope of Learning

The IB diploma students are taught to make connections between what they learn and what is out there in the real world. It inculcates a better understanding of how to imply their learning in real life.

IB learning at an international school in Japan fosters intercultural learning and cooperation through the curriculum. The students are well-versed in a wide range of subjects, but they are also engaged in the world around them.

10.  Globally Recognized

The IB diploma program is internationally recognized. Over 1,319 schools in 108 countries offer this program. It is grounded in the real world, versatile and encourages the students to grow and focus on future studies.

The students graduate to become hard-working young adults with creative and analytical minds. It sets them on a path to success.

In Conclusion

IB diploma holders are known for their creativity, imagination and analytical skills. Pursuing this program from an international school in Japan will give an added advantage to your child. It opens many doors to colleges, universities and top global companies for employment.